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Marks and Spencers have been doing almost perfectly in the business of offering quality fashion, food, and general home products for over a century. With staff of over 78000 and general retail suppliers of over 2000 workers, they have successfully formed a solid foundation on which their business proudly stands on.

Marks And Spencers

Objectives Of Marks And Spencers

With the quality mission statement guiding this brand, they have successfully planted their brand in the heart of customers who now see them as the high standard they have set for themselves while creating their products. They have the vision to be a positive example to other brands and to also be a standard of measurement too.

Furthermore, they make sure that their aspirations are being reached by all, and every customer gets a taste of genuine quality.

Finally, as part of the objectives, their values include quality, trust, praise-worthy services, etc. with their objectives clearly explained above, their main aim is to hold these objectives even as the company grows.

According to the CEO, he claimed rightfully that Marks and Spencers would ensure that every single customer needs will be met with attractive and superior high standard products at reasonable prices.

M&S  Marketing Strategy

Marks and Spencer have upheld an image that denotes reliability and quality service, followed closely by staff enlightenment and affordable products prices. They have successfully used some pretty direct strategies to cause a boost in their retailing department. These moves have shown itself to be thriving in the modern world. Some of these brand marketing strategies include;

  • Brand-Only Sales (100%)

To guarantee customers a constant quality in its services, marks and Spencer m&s  has focused on this system, and sold only their brands through your retailers. With this system, they ensured that only their quality products came through them to their customers.

  • Shareholders

The Marks and Spencer brands are always in contact with their shareholders and are constantly holding meetings at intervals, to give these shareholders an opportunity to air their views. With a Well-planned website, shareholders are able to reach the chairman through their comments, or email messages etc.

  • Grouping Of Clothing Products

This was done majorly for those customers with great tastes. It makes it easier to find a particular style that matches your personality, without having to look through a host of other products first. These products are grouped by a team of trained personnel, who are vast in the knowledge of fashion and style.

  • Non-Financial Incentives To Staffs

Staffs have been motivated through various incentive schemes. These motivations include staffs training abroad, which ensures that all staffs are trained well to become experts in any field they cover.

Job securities are also ensured to staffs with good performances, thereby motivating them to want to put in their best. Organization classes are even made up for leaders of various departments, to enable them to acquire leadership skills that will help them in the long run.

Marks and Spencer m&s  are proud of the quality they have been able to give their customers. These qualities make them stand apart from other brands and their services. They are keen to preserve their reputation and haven’t stopped making plans to broaden their horizon, quality wise, both locally and internationally.

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