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John Lewis Store is an elite set of highly-rated stores leading the way throughout the United Kingdom. This group of stores is owned by the John Lewis partnership. It is a public limited company that was founded in 1864, having its headquarters in London.

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2017 makes it 153 years of John Lewis highly esteemed presence. A brand created based on key values that have led to a strong and distinct position in the minds of the customers shopping with them.

John Lewis Store as a brand has successfully made itself so popular, and it hasn’t been turned into that state in one night, and also didn’t definitely come by chance, but by putting together various factors tactically, has meant that they have successfully won the trust of their customers. And therefore created a brand that would be in existence over the long term.

The founder did well to create a set of business principles that stayed strong even up till date. He made sure that PURPOSE, POWER, PROFIT, CUSTOMERS, BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS and COMMUNITY, were part of their brand values.

The strong brand identity which was set as their foundation is why John Lewis Store has barely seen the need to make ads on television. Although recently, they decided to do something different.

They invested up to £6.2million on adverts on television because of the festive season approaching. Another of the brands’ strength is based on the fact that the company is not designed to be owned by just one person, as all 68000 staffs have a stake one way or the other in the business. This above shows that John Lewis can make a credible plan for a long-term investment and still not face a single pressure from external shareholders.

John Lewis Store brands

The John Lewis brands deal mainly now on homewares rather than placing a high amount of concentration on fashion, and more persons are recently more interested in taking care of their interior rather than move home.

One other major breakthrough that has been achieved by this brand, is recent successes it has had in the use of its website which became once again fully functional in August, offering in its content, a wider range of style and technological products for homes. Another major factor cited for its growth was its magnificent pricing power. That alone has made it continuously march its way to the top.

Notwithstanding its numerous positives, negativity also came along with the brand recently, as flows of complaints about the brand have continued to flock in. Even after being used to going years without seeing much criticism or complaints. For example, complaints coming in recently stated that goods ordered from the brand are delivered by a totally different supplier, and if it eventually is being brought by the original brand retailers, it takes a whole lot of time.

Issues also seeped out from the part of the customer care, as a survey of a large group of customers claimed and confirmed that time (usual 4 mins) was dished out to them for making complaints and orders, and that is obviously such a little amount of time.

Few also complained about the poor type of services given to them by the customer agents in charge. Although John Lewis has stood up as a brand today these happenings. They don’t look to have proofs to substantiate their claims as complaints keep pouring in constantly at recent times.


Since everything has both a positive and a negative side to it, I would say John Lewis as a brand isn’t performing badly in stamping their foot as being one of the most established and prosperous brands in the United Kingdom today.

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