JCPenney Credit Card Payment Login | JCPenney Credit Card Apply Now

JCPenney Credit Card Payment – When it comes to getting great deals on clothing, shoes, furniture, and jewelry. JCPenney is a popular spot got that. The retail store is well known for its wide variety of merchandise, discounts, coupons, and generous rewards program.

The JCPenney credit card is a typical store credit card, with some additional perks that can pay off for the right customers. If you’re a regular JCPenney shopper or you plan on making some big purchases at JCPenney stores, the JCPenney credit card is the right card for you.

JCPenney Credit Card Payment Login

If you read this article through, you will learn about JCPenney credit card and how to make a JCPenney credit card payment.

Benefits of JCPenney credit card

  • High APR of 27.99%.
  • No annual fee.
  • Earn up to 2000 points on a single purchase.
  • Free shilling from with platinum status.
  • $10 or $15 birthday gift each year on your birthday.
  • Platinum status after spending at least $100 I’m a year.
  • Gold status after spending at least $500 in a year.
  • 1poinf per dollar spent at JCPenney using your credit card and 1poing per $2 spent using another form of payment.
  • $15 or 5% selected purchases on the day your card is approved.
  • Earn $10 at JCPenney for every 200 points your earn.

The JCPenney credit card is a store card that is only usable at JCPenney. There are a large number of shopping benefits and features and these features comes with a high interest rate.

There are few ways a JCPenney cardholder can make a JCPenney credit card payment, you’ll get to know that when you read this article further.

JCPenney Credit Card Payment—Via Online

  • Visit JCPenney credit card login page.
  • Login to your credit card account.
  • Click the pay my bill option from the navigation bar.
  • Enter your checking account info.
  • Enter payment amount and payment date.
  • Click submit.

Make sure you schedule your online payment due date at least a day before the due date to avoid late payment.

Also, gather your checking account number and bank routing number before logging in to make your JCPenney credit card payment.

Make JCPenney Credit Card Payment Via In-Store

  • Find a nearer JCPenney store using an online store locator.
  • Visit the store and make your credit card payment either with cash or check.
  • Save your payment receipt for your records.

This process is convenient only for those cardholders who live near a JCPenney store location or maybe you plan to do shopping at any of the JCPenney stores around your location.

However, the JCPenney stores have been around for over some years now, for many people their stores are viewed as a cornerstone of the American shopping mall and also everyone recognizes the brand. So you see, JCPenney is not a new thing at all.

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