JCPenney Credit Card Application Online and in Store

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JCPenney Credit card Application – Synchrony Bank has made the application process for the JCPenney credit card application easy. For those willing to apply for the JC Penney credit card, you are advised to visit the synchrony bank website, or store to complete your application.

JC Penney credit card, offers rewards 2X faster, as you use your JCPenney credit card. The card is for those people who spend lots of time and money at the JCPenney stores.

Before applying for a JCPenney credit card, there are some applications steps and information to consider.

JCPenney Credit card Application Online and in Store

JCPenney Credit Card Approval Criteria

Before applying for a JCPenney credit card:

  • Keep records of your credit score, and the information on your credit
  • Examine your credit report and look out for old information or misconceptions that needs to be corrected
  • Reimburse your debts, doing this will improve your credit score over time.

You can apply for the JCPenney card online or in store

JCPenney Credit Card Application Online

To apply for a JCPenney credit card:

  • Access the synchrony financial portal from your website
  • Provide your necessary details; First and last names, mobile number, phone numbers, home address, date of birth, email address, citizenship, and SSN
  • Tap on the box to add a joint application
  • Click on continue to proceed

In-store Application

Visit JCPenney store and apply in person with a staff. Provide the necessary information requested, you can use the JCPenney store locator to find a nearby store.

JCPenney Credit Card Customer Care Number

You can contact the JCPenney customer service by calling the numbers listed on the card’s website. Visit the JCPenney card site to access the phone numbers.

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