Instagram Is Testing a New ‘Remix’ Feature fir Reels

The upgraded feature of a new ‘Remix’ for Reels is pretty cool. According to Morning Consult, the Tiktok app tagged along with Zoom and Peacock and made it among the fastest-growing brands in 2020.

The cool development didn’t go unnoticed by other social media which prompted Instagram to launch Reels in August as of last year. Now Instagram is bringing out a new feature that works in a similar manner as that of Tiktok’s beloved Stitch feature.

Instagram Is Testing a New ‘Remix’ Feature fir Reels

 Using ‘Remix’ti React to Other Instagram Reels

The former Director of Social Media at the Next Web Matt Navarra , released a tweet on Friday saying

“ Instagram is now testing it’s ‘Remix’ feature for Reels publicly. It’s basically Instagram’s copy of Tiktok’s ‘Stitch’ feature”.

To find out if you’ve got the new feature, open the options menu by tapping the icon which will allow you to view a Reel. If your one of the test group, Remix this Reel option on the list will be visible. Once that’s done, you’ll have access to create a response clip with the original Reel and your newly recorded video playing side-by-side.

I know too, it dies seem familiar because Duets on Tiktok have got the same concept. Remix was first mentioned in Instagram’s code last October by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi. As of when this was gotten ( the info from Alessandro Paluzzi), the Reel creator could choose if their Reel was available for remixing, and once a Reel was deleted, it’ll be discarded completely from all remixes.

 Every Major Social App Wants to Compete With Tiktok

As of November 2018, Tiktok reported that it had 680 million monthly active users. Wallaroo had an estimate of the app which was around 1.1 billion as of February 2021. So it’s more like other social media/ photo and video sharing apps that want some users for themselves too.

 Snapchat announced it was working on remixes for Snaps whole YouTube brought Shorts in the US this Month. Two Tiktok clones, Clash and Byte, cane together to make one big Tiktok clone( look alike) . Facebook too is trying to compete with Tiktok, with release of Collab at the end of last year ( 2020).

 Apparently, it’s a Short-form video invasion over the content marketing scene at the moment. It’s something that was actually foreseen and considering the constant flow in of new information in social media, we’ve got really short attention spans.

Alongside the whole pandemic that keeps most people home/ indoor making internet users increase, leaving people spending literarily all or most of their time on it. The question now is, Will Tiktok still be the most popular bunch, or will one of its Clones take it off the throne? Do well to let me know what your take is on this and stay safe.

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