How to View Someone’s Else Messenger – Spy Facebook Messenger – Hack

How to View Someone’s Else Messenger – Messenger is a Facebook messaging application, so if you are going to spy on someone messenger means you want to check their inbox and outbox.

Basically this is not something anyone should be proud of because you are literally breaking into someone’s privacy and you have no intention of telling the person any time soon, so we’re going to guess you are doing this for an important reason.

 This is going to put you through simple steps on how to bug someone else messenger and some of these steps could also be used for other messaging applications. I am also going to assume that you are not a tech kind of person, so this article is going to be as simple as possible.

How to View Someone’s Else Messenger

Bugging someone else Messenger

The most efficient way to do this is to get a hidden monitoring application on the person mobile device. Applications that could literally bug everything about a person Facebook activities and Facebook Messenger activities including in and out messages, friends, chats, activity logs, media contents, likes, comments, deleted items on messenger or Facebook and so on.

 Most of these applications are compatible with both IOS and Android devices alike, you’d have a control panel of the application on your device where you will monitor the bugged device from.

The only not so good part of these applications is the fact that most of these so-cool features are accompanied with payments, you will have to install the bug app on the person’s mobile device, in doing so you need to know the person’s unlock pin, password or pattern and you will have to apply the Unlock Root (Android) or Unlock Jailbreak (IOS).

Bugging Applications

  • Hoverwatch: for android devices only and almost invisible on the person mobile device, could work for almost on applications that are pre-installed in the phone and also downloaded applications like Instagram and Snapchat.
  • Spyzie: for both IOS and Android-based devices, and could track applications like Telegram, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, Keylogger, Imessage, Call log, Wechat, Tumblr. It one of the most world’s most advanced phone monitoring systems.
  • Mspy (For both android and IOS devices).
  •  XNSpy: functions as a parental control application, so it basically monitors applications that children, teenagers, and youths use like web browser history, WhatsApp, Tinder, Viber, Line, SMS, Imessage and so on
  • Qustodio

 All of these applications come with plans (ranging from a month to a year) and payments, so they are not free. They are installed on the person’s mobile device in a stealth mode making sure the person has no idea what’s going on and then there is the control panel on your device which you have to comprehend to monitor the person’s activities on Facebook Messenger.

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