How To Use iPhone As a Webcam – Easy Steps

How To Use iPhone As A Webcam – Because of the Covid19 pandemic, many people now work from home but it doesn’t mean they’re off the hook when it comes to conference meetings.

If you don’t have a spare webcam for your video conferencing meetings this pandemic period, it also doesn’t mean you won’t take part in the conference meetings as long as you have an iPhone, you can easily convert it to a webcam.

How To Use iPhone As a Webcam

Unable To Get A Webcam

Webcams are expensive and very difficult to get, most webcam video quality isn’t as bright as an iPhone camera. If you want a webcam to make Skype calls, chat with colleagues on zoom, or simply catch up with friends on WhatsApp, consider just downloading the various apps to your iPhone device.

These apps are built for a mobile experience and they work perfectly on small screens.

Using your iPhone as a webcam requires that you install an app on your phone and some software’s on your PC. Unfortunately iPhone does not support this function, that is why a through party app is required to get it working.

Webcam for iPhones

If the webcam you’ve been eyeing is out of stock or you just dog have enough cash to buy a new one, you can use your iPhone camera and create a webcam for yourself.

Make sure the iPhone you’re using isn’t more than a few years old and the image quality should be better than your laptop or PC camera. Its functionality should be 100% and a smartphone tripod position so you’re not filming your chin or straighten up your nose.

Steps to use iPhone as a webcam

  • Ensure your iPhone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your PC.
  • Open the EpocCam app on your iPhone.
  • Tap the screen to activate.
  • On your PC, open up your streaming software.
  • Add a new source to your scene.
  • Select video capture device.
  • Name the device (optional).
  • Select EpocCam from the drop down menu.

All are fairly easy to set up once you find the instructional guides on their sites. EpocCam and Icam work for Windows or Mac OS devices, while IVCam works for iPhone users who have Windows PC and not mac. After trying several webcam apps, our team has recommended these apps to help you use your iPhone as a webcam.

The biggest draw back to using your iPhone as a webcam is mounting it in such a way that you would do to a USB webcam. One easy way is by using a smartphone tripod stand and then clipping our iPhone to it

However, using your iPhone as a webcam will help drain your iPhone device battery. If you aren’t using a USB connection, then make sure you plug it into an outlet because if your iPhone battery runs out while you’re on a video call, your video ends too.

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