How To Turn Off Location Services On Your iPhone

Concerned about your privacy? How To Turn Off Location Services On Your iPhone – There are lots of location services you can then off on your iPhone. IOS uses location services to handle numerous system-related functions in the background. As you keep using your iPhone, you will likely provide multiple apps access to your location.

But if you have had enough of trading your privacy for convenience, then you can find many ways to stop apps and services from using location services on your iPhone below.

Disable Location Services For An App

Your phone allows you to rescind the permissions for any app using location services whenever you want. However, it is worth knowing that some app will fail to function properly without real-time access to your location.

Here is how to achieve that.

  • Access the Settings app on your iPhone
  • Scroll down and select the privacy
  • You will see the apps that have requested access to location services when you tap on location.
  • Select an app with location access, such as weather
  • Tap on never to disable location services for the app.

You can also select while using the app to provide the app access to location services, only while actively using it. Doing this will disable apps that rely on your location such as Apple Maps and Google maps from breaking down completely.

To provide an app with the only general idea of your current whereabouts, you can choose to disable precise location. This is ideal if it doesn’t need a precise location to function normally.

Tap back and modify location permissions for any other app you want, once you have finished making your changes then exit the settings app.

Disable Location Access For System Services

Here is how to do it:

  • Access the Settings app on your iPhone
  • Scroll down and tap on privacy
  • Tap on-location services.
  • Scroll down and select system services.
  • Turn off the switches next to each corresponding entry, to deactivate location services for services you want.

It is best not to disable location services for system-related functions on your iPhone since many of them rate to task such as tracking your iPhone if you lost it, placing emergency calls, setting the time on your device correctly, and lots more. But you can review and delete anything non-essential should you want.

Disable Location Tracking For Friends And Family

You can turn off your location for certain people or disable functionality entirely. IPhone let’s  you relay your location to your friends, family members, and contact via find my and device messages apps.

Here is how to stop sharing location with friends

  • Open the find my app on your iphone
  • Switch to the people tab
  • Select contact
  • Tap on stop sharing

You can also switch to the Me tab and turn off the switch next to stop sharing to disable location sharing with everyone

Turn Off Share My Location In Settings

  • Open the settings app on your iPhone
  • Select privacy
  • Tap on location services
  • Select share my location
  • Turn off the share my location

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