How to Stop Facebook Sharing Your Data With Spotify

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Most data that Spotify collects appears harmless. However, you should protect your data and limit its access as much as possible, especially when you are already a paying subscriber. Spotify premium users, subscription fees should be enough contribution to access the service.

Wondering why Spotify collects your data, how it does it, and what you can do to limit it, keep reading.

Why Spotify Needs Your Data

There are three main reasons why the audio streaming and media service provider collects user data: communication, ad targeting, and functionality. Here’s why it needs each one.

  • Communication

To be able to contact users for promotional and marketing purpose. And to validate your identity in case of fraud or compromised account

  • Ad Targeting

Spotify supports artist through ads and subscriptions for Spotify free users. Your comprehensive profile enable Spotify to create ads relevant to you and increase the chances of converting into sales.

  • Functionality

Spotify collects your data so that it can learn ways to keep you interested for a long time. It scans what you listen to and accumulate that data with other users of similar taste. 

Device-related data helps the company to solve concerns based on your particular operating system, service provider, or device type. There is nothing wrong with you granting access to the company to improve your listening experience.

The extent of data the company access should be negotiable.

What Does The Audio Streaming And Media Service Provider Know About You?

  • Sign up

Spotify can access your data such as your name, username, email address, mobile number, gender and address, if you use your Facebook account to sign up for a Spotify account or allowed Facebook data processing, Spotify will also know your Facebook user ID.

  • Metadata

Spotify relies on location data from your device connected and from your internet service provider. Apart from location information Spotify has access to other metadata such as; mobile brand, device type, and operator

  • Usage

Spotify keeps data such as playlists, search queries, payment, followers, streaming history, and library. And other information from advertising partners.

How To Stop Facebook From Sharing Data With Spotify

Log in your account on the Spotify website, go to Privacy Settings > Manage Your Data > Facebook Data, toggle the Process my Facebook data option to the left.

On the same page, you will also find an option to disable tailored ads based on personal information shared with third-party advertising partners or information received by them. Go to Privacy Settings > Manage Your Data > Tailored ads. Simply toggle the Process my personal data for tailored ads button to the left. After doing this, free users will receive ads based on registration information and real-time usage.

Spotify also gives you an option to download the data it has on you, including your history, payment details, and usage. To download your data simply go to Privacy Settings > Manage Your Data >Download your data.

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