How to Repost On Instagram | Repost Instagram App

How to Repost On Instagram – social media application with over 1 billion users launched in 2010 for sharing and uploading pictures and videos where users can follow each other to increase the number of contents on their feed.

The most interesting feature about this social media platform is the fact that users will follow you based more on the kind of content you post, thereby the need to post creative and interesting content.

So you see these posts you really like and you are looking to make it a part of your contents or posts, just repost it, how?

 You could screenshot the content especially if it’s a picture, crop and edit the content, open Instagram and post it or you could use specified reposting applications for Instagram such as Repost, DownloadGram, Regrammer, Instarepost and so on by downloading them although some of them are not compatible with android phones.

What you Should Know on How to Repost On Instagram

  • Download one of the above-named app, open Instagram and find the content you would like to repost.
  • Click on the three dots at the top of the post, and tap on “Copy or Share URL”. Once the content is copied, it will appear on the application i.e in Repost for Instagram app, tap the arrow on the right-hand side of the copied content where you will be able to edit the content to your taste, tap on “Repost” and “Copy to Instagram”, this will take you to Instagram where you will add the finishing touches.
  • Every application has its unique procedures, so make sure to follow all guidelines and process dully. Applications like DownloadGram and Instadownload can download the content(s) or post(s) from Instagram to your phone’s gallery.

Now you’ve learned how to repost contents or posts on Instagram, I would advise that before you repost content or post try to seek for the owner’s or poster’s permission to do so and that there is also a lot of fun and fulfillment derived when you post your own created contents.

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