How To Reduce Mobile Data Usage on Android or iPhone

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How To Reduce Mobile Data Usage – Data rate on the increase, hence one needs to know how to reduce mobile data usage.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to reduce Mobile data usage without having to give up using the most popular apps.

How To Reduce Mobile Data Usage on Android or iPhone

1. Disable the mobile network

When the 3G or 4G is not being used, you can disable the option by entering Settings > Data usage and then deactivate the button next to Mobile data.

In the case of the iPhone, go to Settings > Cellular Data

2. Turn off iCloud mobile data

In iCloud it is possible to synchronize the information through Wi-Fi or mobile data. To avoid data usage, you can go to Settings> iCloud> iCloud Drive, and disable the Use mobile data tab.

3. Limit updates

All the applications downloaded by Google Play have numerous updates that are downloaded automatically, unless this option is modified so that this update is only made when there is a Wi Fi connection.

For this, you must enter Google Play, press on the three lines that are in the upper left margin, go to Settings and above, where it says General, choose the option to Update applications automatically only by Wi Fi.

4. Set a limit on the use of data

On Android devices, you must enter Settings > Data usage > Mobile data limit. This option is activated and from there the desired limit is established.

In iOS, you can also choose the restriction on the use of data by application. For that you must enter Settings > Cellular data and at the bottom you can see the full list of applications.

5. Disable WiFi Assistance

This option, available since the iOS 9 version, allows you to use mobile data when the Wi Fi signal is weak. While it may be useful, it is also a data-consuming option. To deactivate it, go to Settings > Cellular data > Help Wi Fi

6. Restrict background data usage

Mail sync, notifications and news feeds are still active even when not in use. This background data consumption can be limited in several ways.

One option is to enter Configuration > Data Use and, once there, click on the three points at the top and then enter where it says Restrict data in 2nd plane.

In the case of iOS, you have to go to Settings > General > Update in the background.

7. Disable apps that consume a lot of data

Once you have identified which apps consume the most data, and you cannot or do not want to uninstall them, you can choose to disable them.

For that you have to enter Settings > Applications, press on the app you want to stop and then choose where it says Force stop. This action can be easily reversed by pressing Enable.

8. Disable Automatic updates from iTunes and the App Store

To disable automatic updates and downloads from iTunes and the App Store, go to Settings > iTunes Store and App Store and turn off the tab that says Use mobile data.

9. Turn off mobile data in Apple Music

To avoid the use of data when using Apple Music, you must enter Settings > Music and disable the Mobile data option.

10. Use other browsers

Both Safari and Chrome can generate high data consumption. An alternative is to install the Opera search engine, which allows us to reduce the consumption of our data while browsing. It is available for iOS and Android.

11. Disable automatic video playback and HD image upload on Facebook

This option is disabled by entering the application. In the case of iOS, you have to click on Settings > Account settings > videos and photos and there disable the option that says Automatic playback with cell phone data and the other that says Upload HD.

In the case of Android, go to Configuration > Configuration of applications and there make the corresponding choices.

I believe, with these few tricks you now know how to reduce mobile data usage effectively.

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