How To Get More Followers On Instagram – Tips and Guides

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How To Get More Followers On Instagram – Instagram is one of the biggest social media communities, not as big as Facebook but technically when it comes to viewing and posting interestingly nice content, Instagram is the best.

Its amount of users keeps increasing daily and is one of the most influential and time-eating social media platforms on earth with users posting pictures and videos every minute.

How To Get More Followers On Instagram -  Tips and Guides

Basically you have to follow other users whose activities or personalities you admire, post interesting content to gain more likes and followers and like other user’s posts.

In my experience, am guessing it’s the same for everybody, the whole aim comes down to gaining more followers and creating a prominent presence of yourself on the social media app.

Tips On How To Get More Followers On Instagram

Below are some few tips on How to Get More Followers On Instagram:

  • Don’t create a dead account, be social and interactive on the platform i.e like and comments on other people’s posts.
  • Follow users who are at better at the “followers business” than you and users who post similar things to yours.
  • Post unique and interesting pictures, try not to post so many selfies.
  • Time your posts; do not neglect this part, it’s very important, do not post at night because photos last just 4 hours on a user’s feed.
  •  Do not fill Instagram with your pictures, post with a steady flow, not too much and not too small.
  • Avoid posting the same photos or contents more than once, don’t be boring, be creative.
  • Post pictures or videos with captions; you could also make questions out of the captions, this will increase the activities on your posts and make sure to reply all comments and messages so as not to discourage potential followers.
  • Try adding prominent and interactive hashtags and geotags to the contents you post.
  • Connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account.
  • Make sure to fill your Bio.

Confirmed Tips that Grows Instagram Followers

If these steps don’t improve the numbers of your followers and you are getting impatient, try these extreme steps:

  • Verify your Instagram account; This is a sure booster, it means Instagram considers you trustworthy and your account ready for the blue badge. Note that only popular and very prominent accounts get this verification so good luck applying for this.
  •  Purchase followers; very extreme because it’s at your account’s risk, Instagram might ban your account or temporarily suspend it. Make sure to get a good and trusted seller, choose how many followers you’d like to purchase and make sure your Instagram account is a public one.

    Although this will increase your followers numbers but the activities on your posts and contents will still be little or normal and might never improve because other users will notice and get discouraged, probably even unfollow you.

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