How To Find Your Lost Apple Pencil – Step-by-Step Guide

Lost Apple Pencil?

One of the major disadvantages of an Apple pencil is how easy it is to lose, luckily there are few different ways to find it again. The apple pencil which was released in 2015, is not only a great tool for digital artists and designers, but it has aid ordinary users take notes like never before. There several ways to find your lost Apple pencil;

How To Find Your Lost Apple Pencil

Use your iPad’s Bluetooth connectivity

Go to Settings > Bluetooth > My Devices on your iPad. If Apple pencil appears to be connected to your iPad Bluetooth, you will that it is within 30 feet since that is the maximum range of a Bluetooth communication

Download your Bluetooth Finder App

It is worth knowing that, the Bluetooth finder app will only work if your Apple pencil is fully charged and awake. To find your Apple pencil using this technique, open the App and enable the Bluetooth finder app and select Apple pencil from the list of your previously paired devices, the app can help you find your Apple pencil by connecting to its wireless signature. Downloading the Bluetooth finder app will cost you ($4.99)

Nudge Things Around

If your Apple pencil has been missing for some time now, it may have fallen asleep, and you can’t connect to it over a Bluetooth, even if it’s fully charged. To make it easier, attempt nudging the device.

Losing your Apple pencil are sometimes inevitable. However you can consider a few precautions; ensure to always keep your Apple pencil charged, personalizing your Apple pencil is a great way to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.  You can attach GPS tracker to enable you to find your device even if your pencil runs out of battery life.

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