How to Find My Facebook Email Address | Facebook Email Address Change

Facebook Email Address – This implies where your username is anything that comes after ““on your own profile page. Example, you could find me This means that my Facebook email is Sigmund [email protected]. On this article, we are going to be looking at some things that have to do with Facebook email address.

How to Find My Facebook Email Address  | Facebook Email Address Change

How To Get My Facebook Email Address


  • Connect your device browser to internet, then Click on your phone browser to open it.
  • On Facebook, Type in in the address space.
  • Log in, then enter your username and password login space.
  • Then go to your Facebook inbox.
  • Check your mails.
  • Select message.
  • Then Reply to the message.

Now, some persons have a choice to share their email addresses, instant messaging contact, phone numbers or other information on their Facebook profile.

However, this is optional.

How to Send a Facebook Message to your Facebook Email Address

  1. Tap Messages at the left side of your homepage.       
  2. Open the charts you want to send a message from.
  3. From options menu, tap Forward Messages.
  4. Select what messages you want to forward, use the checkboxes.
  5. Then click forward.
  6. Type a name or email address and click Send.

Do Facebook Employees Have Access To My Account?

It is Facebook. That’s right.  They have it.

Facebook holds the right to access the accounts of any of its more than 2.2 billion users. This is a fact it kept secret until not quiet long.

According to the wall street Journal, only a “small group” of Facebook staffs reserves the permission to access any profile without the awareness of the owner.

Can I Send  Email From Gmail to Facebook

At a particular time, Facebook users received a Facebook Messenger email address where they could send a message using the email services like Gmail. Facebook has long discontinued that service. However, it is still possible to see someone’s email or phone, or Google Talk contact information, with Facebook.

How To Get Facebook Email Addresses

Should in case you are trying to send someone an email using Gmail, but you do not have their email address. You can checkout for it on their Facebook profile.

Some people actually do have a choice of sharing their email addresses, instant messaging contact, phone numbers or other information on their profiles.

This is however optional.

Even though is your email address you use, or phone number to log into Facebook, you can as well set Facebook customized privacy settings. So that you keep this information private or to limit who can view it.

In viewing someone’s contact info on Facebook, you can visit their profile on the Facebook website or smartphone app. Then tap “About,” then “Contact, and Basic Info” to view the information they share.

 If someone has shared their email address, you can reach them using Gmail. And if they shared Google Talk contact information, you can also reach them through the chat feature that is built into Gmail.

However a while, Facebook offered its own email service, providing people an email address which would send message to their Facebook accounts. After sometime, the service was changed to sending messages to people’s different email addresses.

 Afterwards, that service was discontinued in totality. So you would not be able to make use a Facebook email address to contact anyone as at today.

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