How To Disable Samsung Bixby

With a lot of Samsung fans complaining about how to disable Samsung bixby.

Finally, Samsung has heard the heart cries of hundreds of thousands of her users of its newest cellular devices – Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 +, S9, S9 + and Samsung Note 8/9 – and has released an update that allows you to completely disable the annoying Bixby button. 

What this means is that, no matter how much you press it, it will not have any function, and to access the Bixby menu you can do so by sliding your finger from left to right on the main menu.

How To Disable Samsung Bixby

So, Why Disable The Bixby Button?

One of the biggest frustrations with the Bixby button is its location; This button is located just below the volume controls and practically at the same height as the screen lock and unlock button – on the other side. 

What this leads to is the accidental pressing of the Bixby button, it is not something that happens very often, but let’s face it, it does happen.

Since this button is for the sole purpose of starting Bixby, many users would prefer that it simply not exist. 

And every time you wanted to use your assistant you can do it with voice or by accessing it from the start menu.

If you are like me, you would say goodbye to the button and forget those third-party apps with which you blocked it (if it came to that). 

Below I will show you how to deactivate the button using the new configuration that Samsung has brought to the table. 

How To Disable Samsung Bixby Button For Good

It is very simple to do, so long as you have the latest version of Bixby –

  • Just tap on the Bixby button
  • If you haven’t updated it, opening it will offer the option to update Bixby. (If not, follow the instructions below).
  • Slide the switch to disable (or to enable if you want it again)

And voila! The Bixby button will be completely disabled, so when you accidentally press or tap on it, absolutely nothing will happen.

What to do if you updated Bixby and the switch is not showing on the screen?

  • Press or tap on the Bixby button
  • At the upper right corner, tap the three-dot menu
  • Then select Settings
  • Next, swipe down and select Bixby Key
  • Finally select Do not open anything

If you want the only way to use Bixby through the start menu, you can also disable Bixby Voice (which could also prevent it from being accidentally activated by voice command).

How To Disable Samsung Bixby From The Start Menu

Now, if you are looking to deactivate Bixby completely, or simply do not want to access by sliding your finger from left to right in the start menu, you can also do it. 

  • Hold your finger on the home screen in an empty space until the following menu is displayed.
  • Swipe right until you reach the “page” where Bixby is located.

Deactivate Bixby using the switch.

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