How To Create Voice Chats In Telegram Channels

How To Create Voice Chats In Telegram Channels – Telegram is now testing new features that let users start and join voice chat on the telegram channels. The feature expands the availability of group voice chats to channel to help owners instigate relevant dialogue. Currently, voice chats are only accessible on telegram beta.

How To Create Voice Chats In Telegram Channels

Creating and managing voice chats

  • If you are a channel owner or an admin, telegram limits your ability to start voice chat sessions to prevent abuse. Tap on the vertical three dots menu and choose to start voice chats.
  • You choose if you want to join the chats through your personal account or as the channel by choosing the option you prefer and click on the continue as’ button. You can now create the group chat and can tap on the mic button to unmute and start speaking
  • If you wish to join as a listener you can request speaking permission by tapping on the big gradient button
  • Admin can then choose to let you speak
  • You can choose to mute a particular person by “long-press the person’s name and tap on the mute for me tap’

Tweak Channel Voice Chat Settings

  • You can change the title of the voice chats to reflect the topic, share the invite link of the conversation, or even start recording the session. To access UI options tap on the vertical three dots menu in the group voice chats
  • Tap on Edit voice chat tittle, enter new title, and save to confirm the change
  • To invite listeners or speakers, select the share invite link, to share the invite to your contact
  • To record the voice chat session, just tap on the start recording to get started. You can access the recorded file from your saved messages.

That how you can use voice chats in telegram channels to host and participate in discussions with your channel followers.

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