How To Contact Instagram Help Center Using Phone, Desktop & Other Alternative Ways

Instagram Help Center – Instagram is a social media networking app that offers a wide range of opportunities to its users. All you need is to get followers, follow others, Post your videos and photos and enjoy a whole new sensational world just at the tip of your fingers. You love taking selfies, recording special moments of yourself and sharing with friends, then this platform is just what you need.

Instagram Customer Service

Almost everyone seems to be on Instagram these days, so if you are not, it seems you are missing out on a whole lot of fun. The platform has over 800 million daily active users, the amazing features Contained in the app keeps getting more and more people interested.

But sometimes you might have slight problems or serious problems preventing you from enjoying the benefits of this account. You might find it hard to login your account or you might have issues using some features or cyber bullies or hackers and you might need urgent help.

Instagram  help center

Though Instagram has a number for contacting them or email address however you might not get an immediate response, because your problem might not be viewed as a priority to them. Remember they have up to 800 million active users and probably new programmes they might be working on, so you need to learn how to help yourself instead of waiting for a late response or no response at all.

 How To Contact Instagram Help Center

Instagram help center is mainly a helpful resource that helps users administer self-help services. Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms. However, it doesn’t guarantee that they provide good customer care service.

In fact there are high possibilities of getting no response from Instagram for help. But we can give you tips on how to contact Instagram help center. You can contact Instagram through their email address [email protected] or call at 650-542-4800.

  • You can visit the Instagram support site if you need help with your account or your app.
  • Simply type the problem you wish to solve in the search bar on the support site. Or you can click on the topic on the left that relates to your problem.
  • You can also send an email to Instagram’s email address, stating your account name, problem and other important information.

Alternative Way To Contact Instagram

If you can’t get to Instagram through the format above, you can use other social media platforms to get your complaints across to them. Instagram does reply to such messages occasionally.

  • You can visit Instagram tweeter page and tweet a message @instagram, which is their official account. State your problem in your message and tag them, who knows you might get their attention.
  • You can also contact them through their Facebook page. Find Instagram page on Facebook and send a message to them.

How To Report Something On Instagram Using Desktop

If you wish to report a problem using your desktop simply do so by:

  • Visiting Instagram help center using any browser of your choice.
  • In the left side of the page, you will see a list of options, click on PRIVACY AND SAFETY CENTER
  • Then click on REPORT SOMETHING on the next page
  • A list of options will appear, choose the most important to you or the problem that applies to you.
  • Each issue has a form you have to fill,you have to follow instructions and fill the accurate information.

How To Contact Instagram Help Center On Mobile

Alternatively, you can also handle your Instagram issues on your mobile phone by simply:

  • Tapping your Instagram app on your phone or enter your password and username to log in account.
  • Tap your profile picture,this will take you to your profile page
  • Tap the gear icon to take you to Instagram settings page
  • A list of options will appear,select one of the options as it applies to you.
  • Then tap SEND to get it done. You have to wait for your problem to be resolved.

You can also render self-help services to secure your account by changing your password every six months to prevent your account from being hacked. Or you can limit your account to just your friends and followers by:

  • Simply tapping your profile icon,
  • Tap the settings icon
  • Tap the private icon switch
  • And tap YES if prompted,then your account is only private to you and your followers.

You can report online abuses or irritative users by simply reporting them to Instagram help center. Or you can easily block them from accessing your account.

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