How to Contact Facebook for Help | Contact Facebook Support Live Chat

How to Contact Facebook for Help – Facebook is a social media community with almost three billion, so there are bound to be issues or problems that will escape Facebook’s nose. You could try to solve them or call Facebook’s attention to these issues by these methods;

How to Contact Facebook for Help | Contact Facebook Support Live Chat

Reporting a Problem on Facebook

If you want to report a problem on Facebook, here is How to Contact Facebook for Help

  • log-in to your Facebook account
  • Find the post, comment, profile or content that is a problem.
  • Click the three dots (…) or “Options” besides the post, comment, content or profile.
  • Click on “ Give Feedback” or “Report” and choose how the content or profile goes against Facebook’s terms and conditions.
  • Click on “send” and follow the Facebook’s instructions from there.

How to Contact Facebook for Help Using Facebook help centre

  • Log in and select from among the options in the toolbar depending on what you want to contact Facebook about.
  • You could also make use of the search bar on the top of the Facebook help centre page and search for results regarding the problem.
  • There are lots of sections ranging from impostor, fake accounts, Ads and so on. For example, if you have issues with your ads or business page, the Ads Help Centre section is the right place to visit.
  • And if somehow you don’t find a solution to the issues or problems on the “Help” page, visit the Facebook Community Page by scrolling down and clicking on the button that says “Community Help”.

Appealing for a Disabled Account

If you want to appeal with Facebook when your account is disabled, the steps below How to Contact Facebook for Help

  • Open the disabled account and click on the link “Use this form to request a review”.
  • Type in your Facebook email address and your Facebook full name.
  • Upload a picture of a valid I.D.
  • Fill the “Additional Info” box with details regarding questions inquired from you by Facebook.
  • And click on send, do not expect an immediate response so be patient.

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