How to Connect Apple Airpods to Android Devices

Connect Apple Airpods to Android Devices made easy and things you should know.

Apple has a different kind of ecosystem and a broad range of products to offer to its users. Besides, its mobile devices the company has different audio, smartwatches, smart TVs, laptops, and desktops products.

The multinational technology company was among the first few brands to lay the foundation for premium wireless earnings in the market.

Since then, several brands have bombed the market with their iteration of the TWS earbud. Brands like Sony, Jabra, and others are amongst the top contenders of Apple on the premium.

How to Connect Apple Airpods to Android Devices

The Apple first-generation AirPods was introduced back in 2016, it contains all the premium features, expected from apple products. The concept of truly wireless earbuds instantly clasped the attention of consumers all across the world. It completely erases the concept of wires for an earphone.

The Apple AirPods, allow you to listen to music and answer phone calls by connecting directly to Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth network connectivity allows the AirPods, to connect wirelessly with an Apple iPhone. Once the connection is successfully established, you can listen to music on the go.

Steps On How to Connect Apple Airpods to Android Devices

If you own an iPhone, it would be easy for you to pair the Airpods with your device. Nevertheless, if you own an Android mobile device, there are restrictions you would come across during the pairing process, but it isn’t impossible to pair the Airpods with your Android mobile device. Here is how to pair Apple Airpods with Android mobile devices:

  • Go to the settings menu on your Android device
  • Tap on the Bluetooth tab from the settings, tap on the pair/Add device option
  • Now, wait for the Apple Airpods to show up. Once the Airpods show up in the connection list, click on it to pair it with your Android mobile device.

In case, the device name doesn’t show up on your Bluetooth list of available devices, ensure to check and make sure the Airpods are switched on, or you can turn on the Apple pairing mode of the Apple Airpods by pressing and holding the rear of the earbuds.

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