How to Change your Zoom Background on Android, iOS & Desktop

Zoom Virtual Background Guide

Are you finding it hard to change your zoom background or you never even knew all the while you could change your zoom background to something nice of your choice?

We made this research to make life easy for you like we always do. This brief content will be putting you through how to change your Zoom background:

How to Change your Zoom Background

As a result of the COVID19, most of every meeting has been designed to be held on zoom. The Zoom App has been of great help in this time of pandemic as many have to use the Zoom platform to hold meetings like birthday party, reunion, seminars, business meetings, and even other official meetings.

So in a case where your house or location where you joined the online meeting is not really a good one and does not represent you right or you don’t want the people involved in the meeting to take note of everything happening around you.

Have you been caught in a meeting in some kind of funny places around your house, let say you had your phone in the restroom and your zoom meeting came up?

This content will show you briefly how to change your zoom background immediately.

How to Change Zoom Background on Android Phone

Here are the steps you need to change your Zoom Background while you are in meeting:

  • Tap on the More button
  • Tap on the Virtual Background
  • Now  you are able to make use of any default background or better still choose from your gallery if you have a better background

Yes, it this simple, very simple

Note: that older android devices might not support the Zoom background change. Though Zoom has not released the list of devices that might be able to work with the Zoom background change. But we suspect that it should be devices with low processors

How to Change your Zoom Background on iOS Phones

Briefly, you will be properly put through how to change your zoom background on iOS devices. It is very simple just like Android.

First, Note that you can’t change the Zoom background on your iOS app except you have joined the Zoom meeting Already.

Now here are the step to change your Zoom Background on your iOS app:

  • After you have started the Zoom meeting or joined the meeting
  • Tap the “More” button
  • Tap the Background and Filters
  • Then you can select from the already existing backgrounds or you can upload one from your phone

I am sure you did not also find that difficult.

How To Change Zoom Background on Desktop

Changing your background is also supported on your desktop devices both on the windows PC and Mac but you must have to ensure your zoom client is up to date.

Note: That no matter how recent or old your desktop device is, Zoom background is likely not to work if it does not have the green screen or the process doesn’t meet the necessary requirement.

Now, let me take through the step to change you Zoom background on your desk too device.

  • At the topmost right Conner of you screen
  • Click on setting which is the “Gear Icon”
  • The select Background &Filter
  • Now you can selet from the available background or click the “+” to add your own background.
  • As soon as these are doe the effect will be added whenever you are on a zoom meeting.

Visite the Zoom official website to view the PC requirement to use the Virtual background feature.

With the Zoom virtual background, you can now get some privacy as it has been one of the reasons lots of people find it difficult to easily join zoom meetings. But note also that in as much as the zoom virtual background is a nice tool. It not advisable for people with bad internet service or old devices.

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