How to change the playback speed of a YouTube video: Easy and Smart Ways

How to change the playback speed of a YouTube video – Here is an effective method in which you can slow down and speed YouTube video on mobile device. Have you ever find yourself watching a YouTube video, wishing you could scurry it up and get on to the following one? Or on the other hand, perhaps an educative video is simply going excessively fast and you need to slow it down to ingest all the information.

Well, YouTube has a built-in approach to change the playback speed of video on desktop and mobile phones. In this article, we will go through some actual steps on how to hasten and slow down YouTube videos.

How to Adjust Youtube Playback Speed

How to change the playback speed of a YouTube video

How to change the speed manually

Start by clicking the gear wheel icon at the bottom right of the YouTube video. This brings up a list of settings you can manually modify, like subtitles quality and playback speed.

  • Select the playback speed and you will see a list of speeds from 0.25 to 1.0 normal, and 2.0.  steadily working by 0.25. By choosing one of these presets, the video’s speed will promptly change.
  • If these preset speeds suit you, you can pick a custom speed. To do this, get back to Playback speed and select Custom in the upper right corner of the pop-up menu. Here, you will see a slider you can conform to your optimal speed, as long as it is in the 0.25-2.0 range.
  • Unfortunately, to watch a video at a speed higher than 2.0, you should download and utilize Chrome expansion, similar to the ones we prescribe in our guide on the best way to change Netflix playback speed, that will by-pass YouTube’s 2.0 speed cap.

How to change speed with keyboards shortcut

There is another approach to change the speed of a YouTube video in case you are using the website, and it is a lot faster. This is with basic keyboard alternate ways.

To speed up a YouTube video by 0.25 additions, hold down Shift and tap the grater than symbol (>) on your keyboard. You can do this while watching a video or while one is stopped.

To reduce the speed, the reverse is true: hold down shift and press the less than symbol (<)

This changes the playback speed by 0.25 increases from 0.25 to 2.0. In this way, on the off chance that you need a custom speed (for example 1.65), you will need to change the speed physically by using the Custom component in the main features.

In any case, for most people, changing the speed of a YouTube video by 0.25 additions using these keyboards alternative is completely fine.

How to Adjust YouTube playback speed (mobile)

Since there is no actual keyboards on mobile phones (except if you are using one with a tablet), you will need to stay with changing the speed of YouTube videos manually. On YouTube’s mobile application, this procedure is basically equivalent to using desktop.

As you’re watching a video, tap the three-dot hamburger menu in the upper right corner. This will spring up the video settings, similar to the gear icon on a desktop

Select Playback speed. You will see the natural preset speeds climbing by 0.25 increments from 0.25 to 2.0. Select your preferred speed and you will be good to go.

Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely to set a custom speed for a YouTube video on the mobile application, so you will be left with the 0.25 increment.

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