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How To Change My Page Name On Facebook – Did you make your Facebook page and while ago when you never had a clear idea of what your business was about? Many Facebook users have the impression that once they choose their Facebook page name, they get stuck to it forever.

Few years ago, changing a Facebook page name is impossible due to some reasons but now Facebook has updated it’s platform that it’s users can change their page name anytime and at anywhere.


Your Facebook page is made up of both a general page name and a handle. If you want to change your Facebook page name, there’s a few process you should take. For new users, make sure you choose a page name that you feel is confident so that you don’t have to change your page name too frequently.

Facebook Pages

A Facebook page provides detailed information about a business brands and organizations. To use a Facebook page, you need to first create a Facebook page and doing so you automatically become the admin of the page. Being an admin of a Facebook page gives you easy access to changing your Facebook page name.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Changing A Facebook Page Name

Before you can change your Facebook page name, read the instructions below to avoid breaking the rules of naming or changing a Facebook page name.

  • Do not include your business slogan in your page name.
  • Be specific with the page name.
  • Avoid using words that can be discriminatory or abusive.
  • Avoid misleading teams.
  • Do not use random capitalization.
  • Your page name must not include the word “official”.
  • The page name can consist of 75 characters but not more than that.

Quickly Change Your Facebook Page Name

Changing your Facebook page name is an easy task from a technical perspective and it won’t hurt your reputation as long as you follow the necessary procedures;

  • Visit your Facebook page.
  • Click the about section on the left side of the page.
  • Click the edit button displayed next to your page name.
  • Come up with a new name.
  • Type in the new name.
  • Click continue.

Note: changing a Facebook page name will need you go through more reviews from Facebook to ensure that you’re the rightful owner of the Facebook page.

In addition to the above guidelines, the name on your Facebook profile should be the one your friends know you as. It will be easier to connect and find people.

The name should also match your Facebook ID. Your Facebook page name appears under your Facebook profile picture as the title of your page, it is also what appears when people tag your page in a post.

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