How To Become An Auto Insurance Adjuster –

How To Become An Auto Insurance Adjuster – An auto insurance adjuster is one who acts as a middle man between an insurance company and a claimant who has been in an accident.

As an auto adjuster, you job description includes investigating and reviewing evidence in order to decide how much the company should pay. An adjuster is expected to try and settle issues of accident before it escalates into a trial.

How To Become An Auto Insurance Adjuster

They, usually arrive at the scene of the accident on behalf of an insurance company, and decide on the time, what the damages and claims of the accident are, to help settle the case immediately.

What Does an Auto Insurance Adjuster Specialize in?

  • Vehicle collision
  • Injury claims
  • Total loss claims
  • Vehicle theft and vandalism.

Normally an adjuster’s work, is to determine the amount of damage as well as the worth of the vehicle to help make settlement. They may work with a compliance and safety specialist to investigate an accident as well as the root problem.

How To Become An Auto Insurance Adjuster

Get Started

To become an auto insurance adjuster, you need a license which you must obtain by completing an insurance adjuster application after you have been sponsored by an insurance company.

Thereafter, you (the applicant) will be granted a Letter of Authority, and must therefore complete four insurance Institute of Canada (IIC) courses, to get their Probationary Adjusters License.

Understand Vehicle and Damage Costs

For you to excel in this field, you need to be knowledgeable about the laws of the road as well as the anatomy of a vehicle to be able to assess damage. To ensure your judgement is accurate, when settling damages which involves large sums of money, you may need to take courses in auto body estimating and auto mechanic training. Graduates of collision estimation programs, may pursue entry-level positions as an insurance adjustor or estimator.

Previous Experience

Working previously as an automotive technician, will make you eligible for a job as an auto insurance adjuster. Having a wealth of knowledge in the field of automotive, makes you stand a better chance of getting hired.

Other skills, needed from an adjuster include strong communication skills and tact in conflict resolution, math and interpersonal skills, experience, licensing, and the ability to help a client get the most appropriate amount of claim for their damage.

Having an accident can be a very traumatic experience. Thus as an auto adjuster, you should be able to rise to the occasion when such occurs, to help those involved in trying times.

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