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The H&M group is among the grand elites in the world when it comes to fashion and fashion products. They do not stand alone though, as they have a good number of other brands attached to them, which includes;

  • H&M Home,
  • COS, & Other Stories,
  • Monki,
  • Weekday Cheap MondayH&M

With all of them having individual identities, all the aforementioned brands are driven by the passion to become a home to the highest quality fashion products, and the urge to give quality products, style and attention to customers in the best possible way.

Brief History And Goals

H & M began as a retail shop that housed only fashion wears for women in Sweden in 1947.Driven by strong passion, today H & M Company have broadened their horizons, and have been able to create quality fashion brands and have stamped their name among the elites of fashion in the world today.

They have not only expanded in terms of shops owned but have also created a platform to reach customers online over the internet, which is unarguably one of the most populous places in the world today.  They have also mapped out concrete plans to make sure that a high standard in fashion is attained, and can be easily reached by the teeming population.

With a goal to make fashion sustainable, they have noted that it would take a perfect commitment from their workers to achieve success. And therefore have set sail in the direction of instigating values into the minds of their workers.  They have put in all efforts to produce a better future for the fashion industry and have driven substantial development towards the industry.

The H&M group brings together a large number of colleagues (about 160000) from all over the world, and are strictly interested in creating the perfect experience for their customers.  The workers share a common honest way of working and help to develop a dynamic, honest company culture, where anything is possible.


  • A broad-range of Products:

H&M has a broad range in the services they offer. These services include sales of shoes, clothes and all fashion related accessories for a largely targeted customer base. They also sell products like exclusive flower vases, pots, candles etc. And every single one of their brands goes with its own distinct identity depending on the customer’s choice.

  • Distinct Identity for all brands:

H&M successfully sell their products through their numerous brands that were mentioned above. They all come with distinct identities depending on their customers.

  • Well Dispersed global presence:

H&M  have invested greatly across 6 continents, and have literally spread their wings across the globe. With a strong global presence like that, they won’t be destabilized when there is a hiccup in just a few part of their shops worldwide.

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