How to Backup your Facebook Data without Stress

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You can backup Facebook data, of all the information about your life and photos, you’ve shared over the years on the Facebook platform.

It is always advised, that you download a backup copy of all your Facebook data, to enable you to have your own offline copy of all your photos in one single folder, which you can easily store on a flash, external hard disk, CD, DVD or on a computer.

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Why you Need to Backup Facebook Data

Here’s a simple reason why backing up Facebook data is important.

  • If the Facebook social media crashes and burns, all your personal photos won’t go down with it.

What Data can you Backup on Facebook

Facebook users, can download at the minimum all the posts, photos and videos, they’ve ever shared on the Facebook platform. Also, users can download backup messages, chats with other users, as well as their personal profile information in the “About” area of their profile page.

Other downloadable items for backups include a list of your friends, pending friend requests, groups you belong to, the ads you’ve clicked on, your list of followers as well as the pages you’ve liked.

How to Backup Facebook Data

You can easily access the Backup Facebook Data Link, in the general settings area.

  • Login to your Facebook account on a computer ( Either on a laptop or desktop). Note, not on your cell phone.
  • Search for the tiny down arrow, situated at the upper right corner of any page, and tap “Settings” near the bottom.
  • This will direct you to the “General Settings” page.
  • Once at the bottom of the page, you’ll see a link that reads “Download a copy of your Facebook data”
  • Once you tap on it, you will be shown another page, that reads “Download your information”.
  • Get a copy of what you’ve shared on Facebook
  • Thereafter, tap the green “Start my archive” button, to download your Facebook data.
  • Immediately you complete this process, you will be shown a popup box, prompting you to confirm if you want to create an archive. Tap on the blue “Start my archive” button.
  • Thereafter, you will be prompted by Facebook to verify your identity again, before you’ll be granted access to download the file it has created.
  • Next, Facebook will start preparing your personal archive as a download file.
  • A message will be sent to you, intimating you that it will send you an email when your download file is ready
  • This next phase requires you to follow the email link sent to you within few minutes. This email, comes with a link for you to download the file.
  • With this link, you will be navigated back to Facebook, where you’ll be prompted once again to re-enter your Facebook password again
  • Immediately you do this, you will be given the access to save the file as a zipped (compressed) file on your computer.
  • You are to point to the folder you desire to store it in, and Facebook will drop a file on your drive.
  • Open up the folder. You’ll see a file named “index”, you are to double click on the “index” tab file. This is the basic HTML webpage, which links to all other files you’ve downloaded.

Once the process is completed, each album will be stored in its own folder. Photos will be seen in a folder known as “Photos”, while your HTML files and images will be stored in a separate image file. Your HTML file will come under the timeline.

Backing up your Facebook data, keeps your data safe, and enables you to gain access to them any time you want. Get started on it today, and create a safe haven for your data.

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