How To Make Purchases on Supported sites using Google pay send app – Download App

Google Pay Send – Sending and receiving money is quite easy when you use Google pay send service. Google pay send app links your debit cards, credit cards and others to your online transactions for faster transactions.

It is a peer-to-peer payment service developed by Google that allows users send and receive money using their mobile phones or desktop at no cost. You can make direct payments using your Google pay send app, so why stress yourself when you can easily use Google pay app for transactions from the comfort of your home.

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Features of Google Pay Send

Google keeps getting better, it tries to meet up with the ever evolving technology in the world, in fact it sets pace for others to follow. Google pay send app is another of its genius developments that makes sending and receiving of money very easy and swift for users.

However, the Google pay send app is basically for Android users and for users in specific countries in the world. You can make in-app payments, in-store payments, payments on sites using Google pay send. Your transaction is within your reach and available at all times, all you need is your mobile device. This new mobile app helps you store your credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards in your app and use it when you like for your transactions.

Google is working with various partners to make sure your app can work in that store you love shopping in,or that site you love. However it does not work with every site, store or app, it has specific sites and app it works with.

How To Set Up And Use Google Pay Send

Even this new ever advancing technological world, everyone wants something swift and easy, no one wants to be backward. You want to buy products and not really bother how to stress yourself making payments. Google pay send makes it easy for you to conduct transactions using your mobile device or computer.

So you can get a transaction done in few seconds, it is just a fingertip away. Setting it up might be a challenge to you, but we are here to help you understand how to set it up and use it to your satisfaction. To set up your Google pay you can:

  • Download it easily from Google playstore, then install in your phone though it is only available to countries that support the app, like UK or USA.
  • Since it’s probably your first time using the app, you have to tap GET STARTED to begin
  • Select a payment method you wish to add
  • Take a photo of your card and add it, enter your information.
  • You will be sent an email by Google to verify you.
  • Now you can use Google pay app for online payments and others.

How To Use Google Pay Send

You can make use of Google pay send app without necessarily opening your app, all you need is to unlock your Android device and your transaction can be done quite easily.

You can conduct in-store transactions using Google pay send app by simply:

  • Looking for Google pay symbol at a contactless payment terminal
  • Unlock your phone
  • Hold your phone over the terminal till you see a check mark
  • You do not need to open the app once the check mark appears transaction is done.
  • For purchases ranging from £30 downwards, you can easily pay by just leaving the screen of your Android device on. But for transactions above £30 you might have to enter your authentication, you tap and go. The transaction details will be sent to you on your phone.

You can also use Google pay send app to perform transactions on other apps. To do in-app purchases:

  • You can open a supported app using your device
  • At the checkout point, look for BUY WITH GOOGLE PAY button
  • Click on the GOOGLE PAY button
  • Pick a payment method if prompted
  • Enter your shipping address before confirming your order

How To make purchases on supported sites using Google pay send app

  • Google pay can be used in any browser
  • At a checkout on the supported site, locate the Google purchase button
  • Pick a payment method and enter shipping address, then confirm your order
  • By clicking the USE SELECTED INFO FOR FUTURE PURCHASES FROM THIS SITE, your transactions on this site will be automatically done using the details you have entered in the site. It becomes your default payment method for every transaction on the site.

Can I Send Money Through Google Pay Send

Definitely you can,but you have to bear in mind that it works with countries that support the app. However you can send money through Google pay send app since Google wallet and Google pay have been merged as one. Google pay send app allows you receive and send money to friends and family. All you need is to have the u Receivers email address and send it as an email message to the receiver.

All you have to do is give Google a command and your transaction is done. Your Google pay send app has two screens, your home screen that shows recent purchases and stores nearby that accept Google pay. The cards screen shows you a list of cards you have used or linked with the app. So you can easily send money and even receive money quite easily using this app.

Google Pay App Download For Android And IOS

To download the app for your Android device simply:

  • Go to your Google play store
  • Search for Google pay on the search bar.
  • Once you find it, tap the app
  • Read the permissions
  • Tap to accept permission, then allow installation to complete

How To Download the App on IOS device simply:

  • Visit app store
  • Search the app on your search bar
  • Click on the app and Tap GET IT
  • Accept permissions and Install the app.

 Your transaction is just a fingertip away with Google pay send app, and your mobile device a valuable asset!

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