Forever 21 Gift Card | Where can I Redeem my Forever 21 Gift Cards

Forever 21 Gift Card – Forever 21 company formerly known as fashion 21 was established by a south Korea couple, the company was first launched in Los Angeles in the year 1984. Forever 21 is well known for its special offerings and low price tags on beauty products, clothing, accessories, merchandise, and home appliances.

F21 offers its users a gift card and egift card for easy and convenient purchase of items online at or at any Forever 21 in stores all over the globe.

You can use the Forever 21 gift cards to purchase latest brand items at Forever 21 600+ stores in Asia, Middle east, and U.K. unlike every other gift cards, Forever 21 accepts refunds of items and gifts purchased in forever 21 instores. When making your refunds, make sure you bring the gift receipt with you to the instore where you want to make your refunds.

Note: refunds of items on forever 21 can only be done in same instore where the item was first purchased.

A lot of questions have been coming in lately concerning forever 21 gift cards and egift cards and we will like to discuss and answer some of these questions. Stay tuned while we take a ride on these questions.

forever 21 gift card

Does Forever 21 offer Gift Cards?

Yes, like every other fashion website, Forever 21 offers its users a plastic gift card and egift card. Currently the Forever 21 egift is unavailable online at, but you can get the plastic gift card at any Forever 21 in store outlets.

Where can I get a store location?

You find your nearest local forever 21 store location by visiting the website store locator page and enter your post code. The website will automatically search for your nearest store and display it to you on your screen.

What can I Buy with Forever 21 Gift Card?

Forever 21 is one of the world’s leading latest fashion company with over 500 store location, it features collections for both women, men, kids, and teenagers. With the Forever 21 gift card you can buy new designers clothing, shoes, bags, beauty products, merchandise, home appliances, and many more.

Does Forever 21 Gift Card Expire?

No, Forever 21 gift cards has no expiry date.

Where can I Redeem my Forever 21 Gift Cards?

Forever 21 gift cards can be redeemed online at Forever or at any of forever 21 retail stores like, forever21, xxl forever, For love21, F21 Red, and Forever under 10 stores worldwide.

Talking about Forever 21 Gift Card Pin Code, where exactly can I spot it in the gift card?

The forever 21 gift card pin code can be seen at the back of the gift card, quickly scratch off the grey panel at the back of the gift card and you will see the 4-digit pin code.

What’s the Forever 21 Gift Card usage limit per transaction?

Forever 21 allows every of its users to use up to 10 forever gift cards per single transaction. Every of your purchase will be deducted from your forever 21 gift card value until the balance of the gift card is exhausted.

I want to check my F21 Gift Card Balance, how do I go about it?

Very simple, you can check your forever21 gift card balance at, or call forever 21 customer care service, or rather visit any of the stores if you like. If you like to check your gift card balance from a store, visit the store cashiers unit and give your gift card number and pin code to the cashier. The cashier will immediately carry out the transaction and tell you your gift card balance.

Does Forever 21 have delivery time limits?

Yes, Forever 21 standard delivery normally arrives in less than 6 working days from the day it was purchased or shipped.

However forever 21 gift cards are reliable, convenient and very easy to use, the gift card cannot be used to pay for a credit card balance, purchase a forever 21 gift card or egift card, and also cannot be used as exchange for cash.

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