Finally: WhatsApp Desktop App Can Now Make Voice and Video Calls

WhatsApp Desktop App Can Now Make Voice and Video Calls

We have all been waiting for this update from WhatsApp for a long time, most especially those who use WhatsApp always from there their desktop.

Whatapp finally has announced the implementation of the voice and video call option to the WhatsApp desktop App with end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp Desktop App Can Now Make Voice and Video Calls

For a very long time, we have been able to do every other thing on the desktop version of Whatsapp except making voice calls and video calls which have only been accepted on the mobile version of WhatsApp.

From today you can now call family and friends or customers using your Desktop to get a wider view experience.

This feature was designed with end-to-end encryption to ensure a completely private conversation.

All You May Need to Know About WhatsApp For Desktop Voice and Video Calls

The WhatsApp voice and video call had a long time only been possible on mobile devices only which usually on Android and iOS.

This new feature has made it very possible for you to place calls to your contacts from the WhatsApp Desktop App on either Windows or Mac devices. You will not any Ad-on or anything related to that to make calls as the feature is inbuilt on the App.

This feature has been in existence since late last year but was not made available to the public. But right as you read it is no longer the case. Everyone can have this done on their PC.

The only shortcoming of the feature is that you can only make calls with one person at a time, the group call feature has not been made available on the desktop version of the App. But Whatsapp had promised to include the group call feature soon.

What Device can You Use the whatsApp Call Features on

The WhatsApp call feature is available on both macOS and the Windows OS, therefore you can make use of these features on both platforms. Ensure you one of these OS running on your PC.


For Windows users you have to be running Windows 10 64bit Version

Fore MacOS user you have to be running MacOS 10.13 or Later

How TO Use Voice and Video Call in WhatsApp For Desktop

For you to be able to make a video call or voice call, you must have the App installed on your PC and also have your Whatsapp Account logged in by scanning the QR Code on your Desktop using your Phone.

After these are fully done, you can go ahead and select the contact you choose to make calls with.

How To Download WhatsApp For Desktop Both For Windows and MacOS

Get the WhatsApp for desktop on you PC is no rocket Science as we will be dropping a direct link to get your WhatsApp For PC.

Just visit this link:

Once you get to the page just click on the download button and here you have the App right in your PC

You No Longer Need Your Phone Before You Can Make WhatsApp Calls

This new WhatsApp feature on the Desktop version of the App has come to help stay completely away from your phone while on WhatsApp on PC.

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