Facebook to Inflict Pain on Apple; Zuckerberg says

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It’s no secret that tensions have been simmering between the companies for years now, the social media company chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg reportedly told employees that “we need to inflict pain” on Apple in response to a comment made by the Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Timothy Donald cook.

Facebook to Inflict Pain on Apple; Zuckerberg says

In 2018 during the Cambridge Analytica scandal, cook was asked what he’d have done if he were running Facebook at the time.

He said that he wouldn’t have found him in such situation in the first place and condemn Facebook for invading user privacy.

He took another indirect shot at Facebook recently while slamming “extensive disinformation and conspiracy theories juiced by algorithms”.

The two CEO reportedly met in 2017 to mend their fractured relationship, which resulted in a tense standoff. The Apple company announced that iOS apps would need to ask users for permission to track them across apps and websites using IDFFA (ID for Advertisers) tags, with the apple store privacy nutrition labels.

The iPhone company has given developers some time to prepare for change which will be effective in the iOS version arriving this spring.

The social media company claims that the apple updated policy will hurt its revenue, as so much of its business models depend on tracking user activity for ad targeting.

The social media company has considered filing a lawsuit against the Apple company. The battle is playing out both in private and public. Both companies are under antitrust scrutiny.

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