Facebook Temporarily lifted Ban on Political Ads Today

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The big Social media Facebook is back on Political and Social media campaign on 4th of March. 2021. This means that start from today 4th March political ads and campaign can start working again.

Faceb has just announced that every ad campagins related to politic /social issued is free to resume now.

Facebook Temporarily lifted Ban on Political Ads Today

An update was posted by Facebook on the Facebook for Business Blog that political, electrical and social matters can start running again as usual.

Before the presidential election last year facebook limited Ads on political Ads and also placed a ban on polital Ads following the election.

According to Facebook “We put this temporary ban in place after the November 2020 election to avoid confusion or abuse following Election Day. Unlike other platforms, we require authorization and transparency not just for political and electoral ads, but also for social issue ads,” Facebook noted in the post.”

Should Facebook Ban Political Ads Permanently?

Because of the controversial subject nature of political Ads on Facebook in as much as the platform will love political Ads to be running on Facebook, the best option will be to permanently Ban the Political Ads.

Although Political Ads might help in the spread on political matters going on in the world, sometimes it causes more damage than good

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