How Facebook Recommendation For Location Works and its Benefits

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Facebook recommendation is an integral part of marketing your own business on the Facebook platform. Research conducted shows that 2 in 3 Facebook users visit the page of a local business at least once per week.

Also, 1 in 3 people uses the platform to look for recommendations and reviews.  The Facebook recommendation is one of the best and right tools your business needs to utilize to be at the top and in front of customers searching for your services.

If you own a business page, Facebook has replaced the review sections to recommendations.  Users, buyers, customers will no longer have an option to rate your business on a star rating of 1-5, rather they will be presented with “do you recommend business name?  Yes or no.  Also, the user has the right to not just choose yes or no, but to also share their experience and explain why they recommend your business using tags, text, and photos.

Facebook recommendation

Facebook has many features that makes it easier mad more fun for its users. With Facebook Recommendations, users can choose the areas they want Recommendations from Facebook.

Facebook allows you to ask your friends to recommend places to visit in different cities.  For example, if you are planning for a romantic gateway to propose, you may want to ask your friends for great places or restaurant to fit your needs. 

How Facebook Recommendation For Location Works

1. Tap on “what’s on your mind” field which is near the top of your Facebook news feed to start creating a new post.

2. Move your mouse scroll to the top of the list of post options at the bottom of the screen to expand the list

3. Tap “ask for recommendations”.

4. Tap “add a location”.

5. You either tap one of the locations in the list that appears it tap “where are you looking for recommendations” which is located at the top screen to search a location manually

6. It is optional to tap “what are you looking for?” to type a specific recommendation request.

7. Tap “share” to share the post the post to your timeline

Benefits of Facebook Recommendation.

Facebook recommendations help a business to:

1. Increases business reach.  This simply means users find it easier to see your business platform through referrals (recommendation), when a user creates a post asking for a recommendation,  a friend can thus easily recommend your business.

2. A user can add a tag which best describes your business when he recommends you to others. For example, he can use tags like “great service”, clean environment, child friendly,  and this will increase potential customers trust in our services.

What Is Facebook Recommendations Based On?

As mentioned earlier, with the removal of the review feature, a star rating from 1-5 has been canceled.  This means that your Facebook page eating is based therefore on how many people recommend or don’t recommend your page, as well as any past reviews and ratings you previously had.

Your old reviews right up until the feature was replaced will still be available on your page bit visitors can no longer read every review you received.

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