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Facebook Real Estate Marketing – The world is a global market, the trends and pace of technological advancement are fast displacing conventions and means of communication we have been used to.

The average man spends hours on his phone searching for entertainment, spending his money making the next purchase. Facebook is arguably one of the most popular and most frequented social media.

In this technologically advanced society, there is little space for orthodox means of advertisement. For example, posting flyers, billboards,  door to door approach. Facebook as a social medium offers a wider target audience at a faster rate.

Facebook Real Estate Marketing

That is advertising your real estate properties can be achieved with more ease and basically, the world ( or your target audience) is one click away. Facebook as well as real estate industry is predominantly visual, the buyer is attracted by what he sees, the pictures and videos available to his feed can either pique his interest or deflate it

Fundamental steps to Facebook Real Estate Marketing

  • The first major job of the real estate agent is therefore to create a page dedicated to marketing properties. Creating a business page is more professional and more customer focused.
  • Create tabs on the page to highlight listings and categories available for perusal.
  • In maintaining your Facebook Real Estate Marketing page it is important to respond to comments. This shows that you are interested and involved in your audience thoughts. Answer their questions, reviews or complaints.
  • Another step to Facebook Real Estate Marketing is to share information on local interests about places and regions. This will give insights to potential buyers about the location they want to buy into.
  • Upload list of people who have recently purchased homes and Facebook will find similar individuals.  Also called lookalike audience who are likely to be interested in your page and properties. This is a way of increasing your audience base. Facebook also helps to target based on behaviors. I.e those who are likely to move

Strategies for valuable Facebook Real Estate Marketing campaign

One key step to ensuring a booming business is knowing and understanding your audience and also making available their needs at a steady pace. To ensure effective communication, utilize the following tips

  • Set targets using various factors such as location, income of the target audience, age range, ownership status. You can achieve this by categorizing your properties based on the region(s) such properties are available. The age range most likely to buy what properties e.g newlyweds, family, a bachelor, retired couple. Set targets based on income. You achieve this by starting price range and terms of negotiations. Also, categorize according to the status of ownership. Is the house for sale or for rent?.
  • Use carousel ads. The carousel ad format is perfect for the real estate marketing because it allows the advertiser display series of images in a catalogue type format that enables viewers to scroll through and view multiple images/listings.
  • Display high definition images of the properties you are advertising. Invest money in hiring professional photographers and ensure to display quality images in order to impress your audience. Real estate is highly visual, the audience are more likely to be swayed by what they see after all first impressions matter.
  • Creating videos is another strategy for valuable Facebook Real Estate Marketing. To really captivate your audience, create videos showcasing the property listed. It is best to put a friendly agent who takes the audience round the house, highlighting the selling points of the property. This gives a more realistic the potential buyer a more realistic look into the property.
  • Build customer trust by being transparent in your ad copy. During Facebook Real Estate Marketing posting fake pictures will easily destroy your business and customer trust. Post genuine ad that will garner customer trust and loyalty which will increase sales and promote referrals. Post customer reviews, photos of yourself with a satisfied client. Potential buyers want to know you are real and not fake. Testimonials and reviews help instill trust and credibility.

Facebook Real Estate Marketing is very easy and efficient. Follow the steps, apply the strategies and increase your business sales.

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