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Facebook Online Shopping – Facebook is a huge platform for selling and buying of various goods. It is not just enough to have an online shop. Selling through a website when you can make more money and have a larger customer base on Facebook Online Store.

The world is ever-evolving, fashion evolves and so does means of trading. It is hard to keep up with a competitive nature. So, use Facebook, a social networking site that makes trading easy and effective.

Facebook Online Shopping Store

A Facebook store allows you to sell products through your Facebook page.   Facebook features allow you to sell your products through e-commerce platforms such as

  • Shopify
  • Bigcommerce
  • Squarespace e.t.c

Benefits Of Selling On Facebook Online Shopping

Let look at some benefit of Facebook Online shopping

  • You can communicate with your customers, know their needs and complaints
  • You can add an unlimited number of products.
  • Ability to organize and arrange your products into collections and categories
  • You have access to see stats on your sales and number of people that visit your page

How Do I Create Shop Page On Facebook?

First things first, open a Facebook account then a Facebook business page. This enables you to have admin status and privileges. Once you are logged into your business page, locate the shop tab o the left and click on it.

Set up your shop details which include your business type, address, tax registration number. Next, you indicate the type of products you intend selling.

Punch in the type of business you do and your business representative info. To finalize your setup, clarify your shipping options, return policy and customer service email.

You will need to configure your payments. Depending on your country of operation the Facebook store module provides different setup options. Your page has been set up at this point, all you need to do is to add a product to your Facebook store.

Tips For Adding Products To Your Facebook Page

There are few tip i feel you should know while adding products on you Facebook Shop

  • Locate the add product button and tap on it
  • A form will pop up, the form includes features that enables you detail your product
  • Add a photo or video of your products by clicking add photo icon to insert product images
  • Add name and description of your product
  • List a price to your product
  • Tap inventory to help you monitor the volume of sales you are having
  • Add shipping options by selecting the option you configured while setting up your page
  • Tap share this product to have the product shared on your page
  • Tap visibility and set to public.
  • Then tap save to finalize the process.

How To Sell On Facebook With Shopify

Shopify as one of the best and fastest ecommerce website is an avenue to grow and expand your business. To create your Facebook store through shopify, add Shopify’s free Facebook channel app to your shopify store. Once you have set up the app, Facebook creates a store section on your Facebook page which displays your shopify products for people to see and buy

How To Sell On Facebook With Squarespace

Although you can’t sell directly through Facebook with Squarespace, you can tag, integrate, and share your products. Squarespace high-quality designs and creative freedom makes it ideal if selling online isn’t a sole purpose.

First, connect your Facebook account to your Squarespace site then add a Facebook share button to product items. You can create new collections or updates of your products by clicking save and publish in your setting.

How to sell on Bigcommerce

With Bigcommerce, you can offer a free trial period to your customers and you don’t need to worry about creating Facebook adverts to attract new shoppers or even track your campaigns. Add Bigcommerce’s free Facebook shop app to your store to enable your products available on your Facebook business page.

Facebook Rules Regarding Shopping

You sell physical items like clothes, diapers not downloadable products. To sell your goods, you must ship said goods within three business days after receiving the order.

You must use shipping service that offers features like tracking and delivery confirmation. Customers can cancel their order within 30 minutes of purchase if you haven’t marked it as shipped yet.

You are not allowed to sell to other countries than your own where the store has been set up. You must have a tax identification number. Finally, You have to agree to the merchant terms and conditions.

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