Facebook Messenger Ludo Club Cheat Hacks and Tricks Free

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Facebook Messenger ludo Club game is quite an interesting game to play with friends, and you can play the ludo game right on your messenger app. It is one of the most popular games on the platform.

Each player is assigned a particular color, which may be red, blue, green or yellow and you have to try your best to race your four pawns from start to finish before the other parties involved do.

Facebook Messenger Ludo Club game involves strategy which you must use to prevent your pawn from being killed by the pawns of other players; the dice with six faces can also decide how far you go in the game.

Facebook Messenger Ludo Club Cheat

However, once you have the dice in your favor, you need to have strategic plans to protect your pawns, kill other pawns on your way and reach your finish point with ease.

Facebook Messenger Ludo Club Cheat

Everyone wants to win while playing a game especially one as tricky as Facebook Messenger ludo Club game. If you can no longer bear being the loser amongst your friends then you have to pay close attention to these cheats for facebook messenger ludo club game.

If you wish to defeat other players in the game, you know it is quite important for the dice to be in your favor and we will show you just how to get a six when you roll your dice.

How You Can Get A Six In Facebook Ludo Club Game Club

Getting a six in this game goes a long way in determining if you will lose or fail in this game, and we are right here to show you just how to get a six and stay top of your game. You have to be observant if you wish to get any result from this trick, observation is the key.

  • This game requires your attention, so you have to make sure you give it all that. While the other players are rolling their dice, you have to pay close attention on the angle from which they got their six
  • Wait till your dice gets to that exact angle
  • You are likely to get six when you roll your dice at that angle, at least 80% of the time.

How To Choose Your Score On Facebook Messenger Ludo Club Game

You can choose the score you want for your Facebook messenger Ludo Club game using your PC, just follow these steps to get it done:

  • You have to first launch the game on a new window
  • Open and set your devtool to appear vertically on the side of your screen
  • Then you have to search Facebook messenger source by searching for the keywords “instant bundle” and you have to use Element Tab to get this done.
  • Select the DOCUMENT ELEMENT which allows the Devtools to connect your console to the javascript domain.
  • Then finally apply the command “js_FBInstantSetScore(46)”.

Now you can keep winning without anyone knowing the secret behind your victory and you can defeat your friends with ease.

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