Facebook Marketplace Application | Facebook ‎Buying and Selling App

Facebook Marketplace Application – Facebook marketplace is a magnificent selling and buying Facebook feature that allows Facebook users (18 and above) conveniently and safely buy and sell things within their environment.

The idea behind any marketplace or online mall is to make buying and selling more general, effective, easy, and safe, it’s just the same for Facebook.

Facebook marketplace is like a community of business-minded Facebook users looking to sell or buy a commodity, the best thing about buying or selling is when you don’t really have to move from one place to the other to do so and the fact that most of this commodities come at a price too good to be true.

Facebook Marketplace Application |   ‎Buying and Selling App

How to get the Facebook Marketplace Application

You could decide to download any other Marketplace application via your mobile device default application store, but for the Facebook Marketplace application, visit www.facebook.com/marketplace.

Or open Facebook, log-in, and search marketplace on the Facebook search bar at the top of your screen. It’s the shop looking icon that you could find on your IOS device at the bottom when you log-in to your Facebook account via the mobile application, at the top for Android devices, or on your Facebook page on the “Application” page menu.

When you click on the shop looking icon, you will be redirected to the Facebook marketplace, it has an excellent interface thus an easy to use experience where you can get almost anything conveniently. Facebook Marketplace Application requires the internet and your location to work perfectly and for your buying and selling activities to be done at ease.

Note that for this feature to work on your account;

  • The account must have met Facebook requirements.
  •  Must have agreed to Facebook’s Marketplace terms and conditions.
  • The feature must be available in your country.

 It’s like having a super mall at your finger’s tip where you can not only easily locate and buy commodities at a very good rate but also sell with substantial profit.  

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