How Do You Use Facebook Live Streaming Now? And FB Live Streaming Now So Popular

Facebook Live Streaming Now – You may have probably been hearing about Facebook live streaming videos, it is nothing strange, just another feature added to your Facebook to make it an even much more fun place to visit.

You can now upload live events on Facebook for your friends to watch and get to share your everyday experiences with them. This is definitely another awesome way to stay connected with friends and be a part of their world.

This feature allows users to stream live footage from their smartphones directly to their Facebook news feed. So, when something interesting is happening, you can simply use your smartphone to share such experiences live with your Facebook friends through the live streaming feature.

Facebook Live Streaming Now

As a live broadcaster, you can decide who you want to view your live videos and you can share important experiences and events with such friends while they are happening live.

Why Is Facebook Live Streaming Now So Popular?

Since 2016 Facebook launched its live streaming feature, the popularity of the feature has toppled over the years and every Facebook user is either talking about the feature or using the feature.

With Facebook live streaming now you can get to watch a whole lot of contents ranging from funny, boring, creative to even unsavory ones, but it makes this platform even more fun than it used to be.

Facebook live streams gives you the opportunity to get a glimpse of your Facebook friends’ life experiences, this is quite interesting especially when you have a celebrity as a friend you can get to see the amazing world of celebrity lifestyle through their Facebook live stream.

Facebook live videos get over three times engagement traditional Facebook videos get. So, it’s an awesome way to have a high level of engagement on your Facebook account. Millions of users share their everyday experience on Facebook live stream and there are also lots of users eagerly watching these live stream videos.

A large percentage of users are sharing their experiences through Facebook live streams and over 78% of Facebook users are watching these live stream videos. This live stream video has also grown so popular because marketers have discovered that this feature is a good way to promote the sale of their products and connect with buyers.

Facebook live stream videos for marketers is just a simple and fun way to promote their brands and create strong relationships with their audience. Marketers are not the only ones taking advantage of this feature, but media influencers, comedians and bloggers are also using this platform to increase audience engagement on their Facebook accounts and pages, thereby making this feature even more popular.

How Do You Use Facebook Live Streaming?

With how popular this feature has become, you will be missing out on a whole lot of fun if you are not already using the feature to share your experiences.

The level of engagement traditional Facebook videos get is quite low when compared to the level of engagement live stream videos get. So, whatever you wish to share you can simply do so through Facebook live streaming and have a large number of your friends view your story.

Let’s walk you through the steps of using Facebook live to share your experiences and stories with your friends. To share Facebook live videos, just follow these steps:

  • Tap the camera icon at the left side of your search bar, you can also go live on Facebook by clicking on the text that reads WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND? then select GO LIVE from the option to start your live broadcast.
  • Then allow Facebook to access your camera and microphone once you are prompted to do so, these prompts often appear the first time you are using Facebook live. By granting Facebook permission to access your phone’s camera content, it will give you the ability to switch to front-facing camera to enable you to share your experience from your point of view.
  • Then Switch to LIVE on the bottom of your camera screen.
  • Select your Privacy and posting settings to determine who gets to watch your Facebook live stream. You can set videos to Only Me if you do not want to share videos with friends. It’s best to post your videos to the public if you want to have a high level of engagement on your live stream.
  • You need to write a compelling description for your live video to give your viewers insight on what they are about to watch. You can write an appealing headline to get the attention of your Facebook friends and get them to tune in and watch your videos.
  • Tag your friends, select your locations and also add an activity
  • You should also set your camera’s orientation, add filters, writing and drawing to your video if you want.
  • Then you can click the blue START LIVE VIDEO button to begin your live broadcast.
  • Viewers will like to interact with you, you can reply to their comments and keep the engagement on your live stream video quite active.
  • To end the broadcast when you are done broadcasting, click FINISH. You can then post your replies and save your live video to your camera roll.

How Do You Watch Facebook Live Videos?

There are lots of contents being shared through Facebook live videos. These contents include funny videos, creative contents, awesome videos and almost any kind of video people share on Facebook.

Watching Facebook live videos is a good way of connecting with friends and being a part of their everyday life. To watch live videos on your DESKTOP, you have two options.

  • You can either use the dedicated link on the navigation panel which is at the left side of your Facebook news feed. You can find the link in the Explore section titled LIVE VIDEO or you might need to click on Show More to reveal the link.
  • Then you can also watch live videos on your desktop by using a Facebook live video URL you will be enabled to access the live videos when you see blue dot representing the live video.

To Watch Live Videos On Your Mobile Device

The process of watching Facebook live videos on Android is quite similar to watching Facebook live videos on the IOS device.

You can watch live videos on your Facebook news feed by following these steps:

  • Click on the three horizontal lines which is the MORE icon at the top-right corner of your app
  • Then scroll down the page and select SEE MORE
  • Tap on LIVE VIDEOS, then choose the video you want to watch. Quite simple! and you can start watching live stream videos posted by your Facebook friends.

Facebook live videos are quite interesting ways to connect with your friends and get to see a bit of their everyday life experience. You can turn on Facebook live notifications to enable you to watch videos as they are being streamed live by your Facebook friends.

You can follow the steps we have shown you to share your experiences through Facebook live streams and keep the engagement quite active on your Facebook profile.

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