How to Edit Facebook Life Events | Create or Edit a Life Event on Your Facebook Profile

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Facebook life events enable you to connect with friends over big and small stuff. Be it getting married, housewarming parties, moving to a different country, acquiring pets, significant milestones in life achieved, etc. the Facebook life events enables you to connect locally to know what’s up and trending around you.

Adding a Facebook life event is simply about telling your story, and sharing it with your friends on your social media network. This can be done by adding life events that happened in your life even before you joined Facebook. This event can be one in a lifetime events or recurring ones.

Facebook aims at using the Facebook Life Event to better structure Timeline data by enabling you to search any Facebook profile not just chronologically, but by event type. The Facebook Life event offers 36 life events in all excluding the catch-all “Other Life Event.”

Facebook Life Events

How to Edit Facebook Life Events

  1. Tap open Facebook; this is the blue icon with a white “f” in the app drawer.If you are not already signed in on Facebook, fill in your email address/phone number and password and click “Log ”Click your profile image; it’s at the top left corner of the screen
  2. Navigate down and click “About,” this is located beneath your profile image, but above your posts.
  3. Click on “More about you,” this is situated at the bottom of the first group of settings. If your location and hometown have been provided already, this option should appear beneath that.
  4. Navigate down and choose a life event. This you will find under the “Life Events” heading. This will open the life event on your timeline.
  • To view the entire list of life events, click … at the bottom of the section
  1. Click the downward-pointing arrow; this is at the top-right corner of the life event
  2. Choose an option to edit the post, this options may vary, based on the type of life event.
  • Edit Privacy: This enables you to change the audience of the life event, for instance, you can choose this option and select “Friends ”
  • Remove Tag: If you are tagged by someone else in a life event that you no longer want to appear in your timeline, select this option to exclude yourself from the event
  • Delete Post: This removes completely, the Life Event from your timeline.

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