Facebook Launches Live Audio Room Features to Take on the Clubhouse

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Facebook was one of the first companies reported to be developing the clubhouse feature for its platform, following the sudden popularity of the live audio-based social media platform.

Facebook is testing a clubhouse-like dubbed hotline with video support. And Facebook just launched its live audio feature called live rooms along with podcasts. The announcement was made via an official newsroom post from fidji Simo, the head of the Facebook app.

The new features are part of Facebook’s audio products line, which was announced earlier this year.

Facebook Launches Live Audio Room Features to Take on the Clubhouse

Live Audio Rooms on Facebook

Facebook live audio room allow users to join dedicated audio rooms and listen to live conversation on different topics. Celebrities, public figures and Facebook groups have the capacity to host and create an audio room on Facebook iOS. Followers and group members can then participate, and also be given the chance to speak and share opinions

During facebook live audio room sessions, up to 50 speakers can speak on a topic. The Facebook live audio room is similar to Twitter new space and clubhouse with different key features

Facebook Live Audio Features

  • Facebook live audio offers creators and group admin a fundraiser option.
  • Facebook live audio listeners can generate live captions or raise a hand to join a conversation
  • Listeners can use a real-time reaction to react to opinions
  • Users will be able to discover Facebook live audio on their newsfeed and groups.
  • Users can sign up to get notified for audio room sessions of their favorite celebrities or group

Facebook has also partnered with many public figures and celebrities to launched the live audio feature.

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