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Facebook instant games are opened to all developers and users.  Facebook instant games let developers build mobile friendly games using HTML5 that work on both Facebook and messenger, instead of requiring users to download native apps from Apple or Google play store. 

Facebook instant games increase users interest, users spend more time on the platform. It also provides Facebook with new means of generating revenue.

Facebook Instant Games

What are Facebook Instant Games

Instant games are casual titles that you can play and share in messenger apps such as Facebook messenger.  Instant games first launched in closed beta in 2016 with arcade titles like Galaga and Pac-Man.

Facebook has a number of recommended game engines to use with their platform.  The instant game technology is an extension of Facebook social network strategy.  Instant games Mae gaming more accessible for its users. 

Anyone can build HTML5 based web games designed to run in messenger or your news feed on any device, desktop or mobile phones. Users who build games have the advantage of making money from the gaming technology. Game builders also have the license to use science selector feature to set who can see posts the app or games make on behalf of Facebook.

How do I Set up Instant Games

It is imperative to set up the game properly before publishing it. Use these tips and set up your instant games

  • First, configure a game for instant games in the Facebook app dashboard.
  • Add a dependency to the instant games extension in your file.
  • Add instant games SDK in your index. HTML that is usually generated when you bundle your game
  • Once you are ready to test your game, bundle it to HTML5 and upload it to Facebook.

Note that Facebook instant games recommend an initial loading time less than 5 seconds.  Any file bigger than the size required can be reduced using defold features.  Defold features provides a number of tools that allows you reduce the size of your game.

How to add apps and games from the app center

  • Tap menu
  • Tap see all apps and games
  • Tap the app or game you want to add
  • Tap play or use

How to Share Your Game to Messenger

Facebook instant games are games that you can play with your friends on Facebook messenger. The following are steps to take when you want to publish your game on messenger.

  • Create an account and an application on Facebook developers. Enter the name of your game and contact Gmail.
  • Pen the basic settings of your app and choose games as the category
  • Fill in all the required fields.  You can also upload the icons and enter other details of your game on this page.
  • Activate instant games by clicking on the + button near to products.
  • Tap instant games, your app is ready to upload.

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