Facebook has Re-Launched Instagram Lite In 170 Countries

Does the Instagram app take up too much space on your device? The lite version has returned just for you. Facebook spokesperson ultimately release a statement saying the company was “rolling back the test” of the app, that you have an option to use the normal Instagram app in the meantime. As of this morning, the Instagram lite version is available for download in over 170 countries.

Facebook has Re-Launched Instagram Lite In 170 Countries

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be signed yet of the app coming to IOS. The app is a little bit bigger now than it was last spring, it now takes up 2MB instead of 573KB, but it’s still a fraction of the size of Instagram’s regular app(30MB). The larger size means more features than before.

Formerly,  the Instagram lite only allows the user to filter and post photos to your feed or your story, watch the stories of other users, and browse the explore page. Now, you can also messages, as well as record and post videos. In place of the shopping tab, you will find the Reels tab.

The social media platform manager Nick Brown has said that the team doesn’t plan on bringing shopping back to the app. The reel feature is here to stay though because they had “a lot of engagement” in India. Considering TikTok was banned in June 2020.

Currently, the app doesn’t feature any advertisement, Nick brown told Theverge that the team is committed to offering the full suite of monetization tools. The Instagram lite won’t be add free for long.

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