Where Can I Find My Facebook Friends List and Delete Friends

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Facebook friends list, are designed to help you organize and manage your friends on Facebook. This Facebook friends list can help you control, which friends on your list can see what information, you post.

Facebook Friends List

Facebook friends list, helps you sort your friends on Facebook, filter the stories that pop up in your News Feed or post an update for some specific people. Facebook enables you to delete or add friends to your “Friends List” anytime you choose. These friends, get no notifications whenever they are added or removed from the friends list.

Using your friends lists, to sort your friends into categories, helps you restrict several people, from seeing contents/ information you don’t feel comfortable sharing with your entire Facebook community. With this, you can restrict who sees what, and where, as you deem fit.

Facebook friends list, is divided into categories. These categories enable you to sort these friends into categories, based on how they matter and relate to you. You have the liberty of placing each friend where you feel they should belong.

Features Of Facebook Friends List

The following Facebook friends lists are provided by Facebook for your convenience;

  • Close Friends: The close friends lists is made up friends, you may want to share exclusive information with. When these group of friends post, Facebook will send you notifications, intimating you on what is happening in the circle of your close friends.
  • Acquaintances: These are group of persons, you may feel you want to share less with. This means these person’s are not close to you to earn your trust as close friends. These people can be excluded whenever you post something. To exclude these categories of person’s from the things you post, simply select “Friends except Acquaintances” in the audience selector. And you will keep them in the dark, of whatever you post
  • Restricted: Next in the Facebook friends list category, is the restricted group. This is a list of people, that you have added as friends, but don’t desire to share with. People like your boss may fall into this category, as you may only want your relationship with him to be official, and nothing more. When you add someone to your restricted lists, you only grant them access to see only your public contents or posts, or posts that you have them tagged in.
  • Custom List: Custom list can also be created, to organize your friends as you like. Here, you also choose who goes into this list, and what (if any) privacy restrictions is on the ground.

There you have the different categories of Facebook friends lists, which helps you sort your friends into the categories you deem fit.

Facebook friends lists, helps you stay in charge of what information your Facebook audience get access to. Here you are the boss of your page, as you decide which friend goes where.

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