Why You Need Powerful Facebook Cover Photo and How To Resize Facebook Cover Photo

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Facebook Cover Photo – Facebook is a platform where you connect with old friends and meet new people. It is an amazing platform with millions of people patronizing it. The number of users keep increasing, who doesn’t wish to connect and interact with others especially those in your world?

With its awesome features, you can add photos or videos and share it on your timeline, you can get notifications about special events happening in your friend’s lives like birthday notifications.

It basically creates a world, your own world where you can easily keep up with trending events and events taking place in your friends; lives. You can easily connect with by adding them as your friends, scrolling through your feeds gives you access to posts your friends have dropped on their timeline. You can even get up to date news by following news groups on the platform or blog spots.

Facebook Cover Photo

Why You Need Powerful Facebook Cover Photo

When creating a Facebook account, you are expected to add relevant personal details that can help Facebook connect you to people you may know.  There are millions of people on Facebook probably answering same name as you, the only unique thing about your account might be your photo.

Your Facebook cover photo serves as means of identifications that enables other users who know to easily find you and add. But some users have difficulties in updating or uploading their cover photo, some photos may be too large that some parts of your face maybe missing from it. So you have to know the proper cover photo size for your Facebook profile.

 With your Facebook cover photo you can show off what you do easily, people don’t need to get to know before they know what you do. And you can add an attractive cover photo to attract people to your profile. Adding the right size means having the right quality of photo and probably attracting more friends or customers.

Your Facebook cover photo sits right on top of your pages and it is the first thing users see about you before going through other details on your profile, so it is important to put an eye-catching image to attract users.

Facebook Cover Photo Size

When uploading your Facebook cover photo you have to make sure you put the right size to avoid Facebook reducing or increasing its size to fit to their own standard size. You want to put photos with good quality that makes it easy for friends, fans or customers easily identify you. But when you put the Wrong size, Facebook stretches it or compresses it making g it look blurry.

So you ought to know the right size of photo to upload as your Facebook cover photo if you use a 2048 PX photo you have to make sure you select high quality to avoid it being compressed by Facebook. So Facebook cover photo size enables you choose photo sizes that will make your photos look as good as they can be but you have to know how to go about this. If you do now wish for your cover photo to be compressed or made to look blurry simply upload a photo with files sixe not less than 100KB.

How To Resize Facebook Cover Photo

Resizing your photo can be a good option for you to do before uploading your cover photo to avoid reduction in its quality you can use any editing app of your choice to resize your photo before you upload it. You can use PHOTOSHOP, LIGHTROOM and any other app of your choice; they can get the job done and get your cover photo looking as smart as you want it.

According to Facebook cover photos that are 851 x 315 pixels load very fast, your cover photo may not reach exactly that size, you can always drag your cover photo to fit properly. Facebook cover photo fittings differ from mobile phone to your desktop, a larger size is likely to fit into your desktop but not on your mobile phone, so you have to reposition your cover photo with Facebook feature to fit into the right size on your cover photo screen.

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