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Facebook Avatar Create – Avatar Maker Facebook – Avatars are the customizable, cartoony versions of yourself, and they never go out of style. Now you can have them on Facebook. The social network may lag behind Bitmoji, Yahoo and Apple’s Memoji avatars, but the newest Facebook addition (of Avatars) is filling your newsfeed.

Facebook Avatar  Create - Avatar Maker Facebook

Introducing Facebook Avatar 2020

 Introduced not too long ago, Facebook avatar can enable you to create a character to resemble yourself, which you can also use as stickers in comments, stories, and Facebook Messenger.

You can have Facebook avatar as a Profile Picture

The avatar you have created can be used in place of your Facebook profile picture and can be used in text messages on your phone. You can also send the avatar stickers in apps like Mail, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram.

This simply means transiting from only being able to express your emotions through the generic thumbs up, sad, angry, or happy emojis on Facebook, to making use of interesting Facebook Avatars.

Ready to get started? We have outlined steps on how you can create your own Facebook avatar on your Android phone or iPhone right now.

How to create Facebook Avatar

  • Tap on the Facebook app on your Android or iOS phone. In the bottom-right of your screen, tap on the 3 horizontal lines.
  • Move down by scrolling down and tap See More.
  • Then tap on Avatars.
  • Tap Next then Get Started
  • You can then choose a skin tone that best fits yours and then tap Next
  • You can now go through each section of hairstyle, hair color, body shape, eye shape and color, makeup, face shape, eyebrows, nose shape, facial hair, outfit, etc. and customize your avatar to your taste. There’s even a section for complexion and face lines, if you want to be really detailed.

Need a reminder of what you look like? At the top right of the screen to open your phone’s front-facing camera tap on the mirror icon.

  • When done customizing your new avatar and you are happy with how it looks, tap on the check mark in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Once the screen finishes loading, tap Next
  • Tap Done.

Congratulations! You have Created your Facebook Avatar

Bravo! Now that you’ve finished making your avatar, you can tap on the arrow sign just at the top right, to share as your Facebook feed or set it as a temporary profile picture.

Want to see different avatar stickers?

To see the various Avatar stickers, tap on the sticker icon (the smiling square below the arrow) or if you’d like to make any changes to your avatar, click on the pencil icon.

Time to use the avatar you created – Create Facebook Avatar And Use

To make use of your avatar when making comments, simply tap on the smiley face next to the gif icon, and then click on the avatar icon at the bottom of the screen (fourth from the left).

Are the steps above too long, here’s a quick one

The very first thing you would see is a new smiley-face button, when you want to write a comment on the News Feed.

The smiley-face button would also pop up in the Messenger sticker selection tab.

So, when you click on it, you can then create Facebook Avatar that would come out the way you want it.

You will initially notice a gender-neutral face, which you can customize into 18 different traits.

Time to share your avatar

You can also change body shape, hairstyle, outfit and lots more.

At this point, your Avatar is ready and you can share it across Facebook and Messenger.

Do this if you can’t see your avatar

However, if after creating your Facebook Avatars and you cannot see them, you need to ensure that you’ve updated your app to the latest version.

You may need to wait a little!

On the other hand, the inability to see your newly created Facebook Avatars could also mean that Avatars hasn’t been rolled out to your account yet, so you need to be patient for the update to arrive.

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