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Everlane Gift Card is issued by Everlane to its customers, to help them gift their friends and family, for their special days or to be used in place of money to purchase anything.

Everlane Gift Card comes in two variations. There’s the physical card and the digital card. Everlane an online retailer, offers great values to its customers, via the offer of designer quality goods. The Everlane plays host to modern essentials and accessories.

everlane gift card

Everlane Physical Gift Card

Everlane offers this conventional gift card, which has remained popular, even with SMS and app-based gift certificates in the market now. This is because, traditional gift cards, are universally accepted, and instantly recognizable, by both the recipient and the cashier. Which makes processing at the point-of-sale, easier.

Everlane Physical Gift Card Benefits

  • No particular app or mobile phone model is required, to use your gift card
  • Once you show the card to the cashier or key in the card number. When checking out online, you can rest assured that your transaction is covered.
  • Once your value is exceeded, it can be combined with any number of other payment methods.
  • The physical gift card is not restricted to Everlane. It can also be used for online purchases. Once the merchant is using the same payment provider for both channels.
  • When you desire to give a gift to someone, your physical gift card, associated with packaging, will also carry the branding of the merchant. Thus giving the recipient an exciting experience unwrapping a nicely packaged gift.

Everlane Digital Gift Card

Everlane digital online gift card comes with convenience at your fingertips. With just a click, you can send the perfect gift to a friend or family in an instant.

Everlane Digital Gift Card Benefits

  • You can find the perfect gift, from an array of merchants
  • A customized message can be added with any gift card, to the recipient, for a personal feel.

How to Redeem Everlane Gift Card

Everlane Gift Card can be received in person, redeemed online or in-store. Your Everlane gift card can also be mailed to your recipient directly, or sent to you first, either way, with no gift recipient required.

Everlane gift card, both physical and digital, can only be redeemed if purchased through Everlane.com, or through an Authorized seller

Everlane Gift Card Terms

Here are some terms to note, about Everlane Gift Card.

  • Everlane Gift Card may only be bought by residents of the USA or Canada and redeemed online only or at everlane.com.
  • Charges no service fee, and has no expiration dates.
  • Once your gift card, is redeemed, you will receive store credit on your Everlane account, for the amount stated on the gift card.
  • Note, cards and credits cannot be redeemed for cash, only when necessitated by the law
  • To request replacement of a lost or stolen card, contact Everlane, at support never lane.com, to get answers to your questions.

Everlane Gift Card, makes for an excellent gift to your recipients, for whatever occasions. Everlane Gift Card has a gift for everyone.

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