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Dysoncanada.ca, is your one-stop destination, for everything Dyson machine. It is a place, where you can get the best of Dyson machine, activate your warranty, as well get the best production from your Dyson machine through its whole lifespan for optimum results.

Dyson Canada, have Dyson machines in over 70 countries around the globe. Dyson Canada has grown from a one-man idea to a vast technology company with over 2,000 engineers globally.

Dysoncanada.ca, engineers, are dedicated to inventing and improving Dyson machines. These engineers, are drawn from a broad spectrum of disciplines, fluid dynamics, robotics, acoustics, electronics, and microbiology etc. Each one, an expert in his/her field, working together, to ensure Dyson machines outperform others, as well as to stay durable and usable throughout its lifetime, to better benefit its consumers.

Dysoncanada.ca, machine products, ranges from vacuums, Hairdryers, Air Purifiers, Fans, Heaters, Humidifier, Hand dryer, Flexi Crevice Tool, Mattress Tool, Tangle Free Tool, Ceramic Heater etc.


Dysoncanada.ca Machine Features

  • No extra cost
  • Dyson offers on all their products come with 2 or 5-year parts and labour warranty
  • Dyson products come with a lifetime manufacturer support.
  • The Dyson products are built to last
  • With your warranty active, you get expert advice and part replacement from Dyson Canada expert team of engineers.

Dysoncanada.ca, Warranty Package

Dysoncanada.ca also offers a warranty package to it’s teeming consumers, which helps them get more out Dyson’s product and services offer. These packages are;

  • Free Dyson parts, by replacing parts, if something goes wrong during your warranty period
  • Machine repair, and replacement, while it’s under warranty
  • Expert advice, 6 days a week, from real Dyson people
  • “How to do videos”, which helps you get the most out of your machine quickly and easily
  • Helpful tips, and tailored reminders, that will keep your machine working at it’s best for long
  • Help you enjoy exclusive owner benefits, like priority access to previews of new Dyson technology, events, and offers.

Dyson Canada, warranty package enables dysoncanada.ca to give a customized direct service for your machine, even after your warranty has ended. With your warranty, Dyson Canada keeps caring for their machines even when they are yours.

Dyson Canada Customer Service

Need to contact dysoncanada.ca, for anything issue bothering on your Dyson machine? Use this number 1-877-397-6622.

Dysoncanada.ca, offers care, and expert advice you need for your machine, from Dyson experts. Shop DDdysoncanada, for quality, durable sound machine, to ease your workload.

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