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Download Facebook Dating App – Facebook has introduced a new feature – available in 19 countries currently – called Facebook dating. Facebook is known to have over 2 billion monthly users, as well as 200 million users who identify as singles.

There are other prominent dating platforms, and the best among them requires a monthly payment. However, Facebook provides this new wonderful dating service absolutely free. You do not even get to see ads run in the app.

The Facebook dating feature is targeted at users who wish to improve their love life and search for worthy dates they might spend the rest of their lives with. The fact that Facebook has made it free does not imply that it is a mediocre feature.

In fact, the potential revenue to be made from this app is estimated to be far above its closest competitor’s revenue.

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The users in the nearest competing platform are nowhere near Facebook’s 2 billion monthly users. Even a small percent of Facebook’s users far well cuts above it.

Claims have already been made of people getting engaged and even getting married, a relationship made possible by Facebook dating. Its early success gives a hint on just how superbly the Facebook dating feature would succeed in arriving months to come.

How To Download Facebook Dating App

Downloading the Facebook dating app is super easy. Facebook dating does not have a stand-alone app on its own that you can download from play store or any website. Instead, the Facebook dating app is part of the latest Facebook app on play store.

Note that you can only access the Facebook dating app via the latest Facebook app if the Facebook dating feature is available in your county.

If it isn’t available in your county then you won’t see the dating section in the latest Facebook app. All you can do now is wait until your country gets the feature. If you happen to be in a country that has access to the Facebook dating feature.

Then all you need to do is go on to play store if you use an android mobile, or to Apple store for iPhone users, and download the Facebook app, or if you already have the app installed, update it. Also note that the Facebook dating feature is not yet available on the website version, to access it, you must get the latest version of the Facebook app.

Features Of Facebook Dating

Facebook dating is available for all users at the age of 18 who are in the country with access to the feature and have the latest Facebook app. All you need to get started is click on the Facebook dating tab in the Facebook app.

There are several interesting features one would discover when using Facebook dating. The first thing to note is that you won’t be required to use your initial Facebook profile, instead, you will set up a new profile called a dating profile. Only your name and your age will be transferred to your dating profile.

In your dating profile, you get to set up a new profile attractive enough to pique the interest of potential dates. You also get to see dating profiles of others, and if you admire any, you can send a message.

One good feature of Facebook dating is that you can only send one message for each person you like. And unless the person replies to your message, you can no longer interact with that person. This feature helps in avoiding pestering messages from strangers or admirers.

Facebook dating works by matching you to date, depending on interests in common stated in your dating profile. And it also uses its filter algorithm to narrow down the right date for you based on your location, age, marital status amongst others.

A widely popular and unique feature on Facebook dating is called the secret crush. How the secret crush feature works is that you make a list of about 9 people who you secretly have a crush on.

And if one of those listed on your list also includes you in their secret crush list, the both of you would be notified of your hidden love for each other and will be matched automatically.

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