What are Credit Card Loans? And How To Get A Credit Card Consolidation Loan

If you want to have an idea on Credit Card Loans, read on. A Credit Card Loan or Credit Card Debt is the money borrowed to a person by a bank or a lender to make purchases when you don’t have cash.

A person that collects a loan / make purchases with his or her Credit Card (CC) will pay back at an agreed period depending on the agreement made. A Credit Card Loan will be paid back with the agreed interest.

There are lots and lots of different Credit Cards available for anyone that needs one. They all have their unique benefits, reward, features, terms, and conditions. This article will give you the basic information you’ll need regarding Credit Card Loan so read on and discover more.

What is Credit Card Loan

A Credit Card is a debt or money you don’t own ( borrowed money) given to you by a bank or a lender which allows you to buy things using a thin plastic or metal card known as a Credit Card to pay in certain shops.  

This loan or borrowed money must be paid back at an agreed time though if the grace period for payment passes and you haven’t paid it back, you’ll be charged an interest fee for late payment.

A Credit Card Loan occurred once an individual makes purchases using the card system. The more purchases made by a Cardholder, the more debt, interest to be paid back, and also more penalties if the Cardmember can’t pay back the loan/ debt.

Credit Card Consolidation Loan

A Credit Card Consolidation loan is an act of taking out a new loan so as to clear other pending liabilities and user debts. It stands as a tool that settles student loan debt, CC debt, and other liabilities. As a CC user and you happen to be in Credit Card Debt, Consolidation can help in paying down the debt.

What Does Credit Card Consolidation Do?

The CC helps in the following. They include:

  • It reduces your Payments.
  • Reduces interest cost and debts faster.
  • It offers lower rates than the combined interest rates a Credit Card offers.

That’s what a CC Consolidation does.

Best Credit Card Consolidation Loans

The top/best CC consolidation loans are:

  • Payoff
  • Upgrade
  • Upstart
  • Light stream
  • Marcus by Goldman Sachs.
  • FreedomPlus
  • LendingClub
  • Discover Personal loans

These are the best CC consolidation loan options.

How To Get A Credit Card Consolidation Loan

Follow the steps below to get a CC Consolidation loan.

  • Having an idea of your balance is important so to know that, add the amount you owe on the Card you would like to consolidate, separated  according to certain criteria like total balances and interest rates.
  •  Get an estimate of your savings.
  • Calculation of what you’ll be able to save after Consolidation can be carried out using a debt consolidation calculator.
  • Features like rates when shopping for loans can be compared.
  • Once you’ve been qualified with the lenders , continue with your application process.
  • Once the Application process has been completed, get approval and funded.

  That’s all you need to do to begin your credit card consolidation process.

After Your Credit Card Consolidation, What’s Next?

After your Credit Card Consolidation, stay away from new Credit Card debts.  Don’t get into more debts when you’ve got pending debts yet to be paid.

Paying off your debt smartly shouldn’t be an issue anymore. Stay away from more debts and follow the steps above.

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