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Create Facebook Avatar – By now, you’ve probably seen the social media company “Facebook” new Avatar feature flooding your news feed. The new Avatar feature on Facebook let’s you create a customized animated version of yourself that you can use in stickers on the Facebook app.

Create Facebook Avatar | Facebook Dancing Avatar

Facebook Avatar Launch

Facebook Avatar began rolling out in 2019, Avatar’s should be available for all Facebook users in the U.S. creating a Facebook Avatar is like creating a bitmoji on Snapchat.

I know a lot of Facebook users would be wondering what the Facebook Avatar is, what it looks like, how it functions, and it’s benefits to Facebook users around the world.

The giant social media Facebook has been toying around the idea of custom Avatar for a very long while now, more than a year ago. Facebook once shared software that generated an Avatar from a photo, but this software didn’t get through to all Facebook users around the globe.

Facebook Avatar Emoji

“So much of our interactions these days are taking place online, which is why it is more important than ever to be able to express yourself personally on Facebook” – Fidji Simo, head of Facebook app stated in a post.

Majority Facebook users no longer use the generic sad, happy, angry, or things up emoji’s on Facebook to show their emotions – why?. Facebook recently rolled out it’s Avatar emoji feature to it’s users this week, after launching it last year in other countries.

Similar to Snapchat bitmoji, the Facebook Avatar emoji allows Facebook users to create a cartoon like Avatar of themselves.

You can design the Facebook Avatar emoji to look exactly like you or however you like and share them in your Facebook comments.

Facebook Avatar Emoji Vs Snapchat Bitmoji

Facebook is the most frequently used social network, which allows users to easily interact with friends and family that shares same common interests.

The Facebook Avatar emoji feature is not too different from the bitmoji feature that you can see on the Snapchat network. Facebook allows it’s users to use the Avatar emoji when making comments as well as in Facebook stories in conversations in Facebook messenger.

However Facebook Avatar emoji let’s people create a new personal, allowing them to share across Facebook and messenger in a more personal and light hearted way.

Create Your Facebook Avatar Emoji To Your Liking

The process of creating your own Facebook Avatar is only simple when the feature is available to you. You’ll see a different smiley face icon in your news feed comment section or the messenger sticker icon, simply click on it and you’ll be taken to a new creation tab where you can easily create your own Facebook Avatar to your liking.

Follow the steps below to make your own Facebook Avatar emoji;

  • Visit the Facebook app on your phone
  • Tap the three horizontal dots.
  • Scroll down and tap see more.
  • Click on Avatar’s.
  • Tap next.
  • Then touch the get started button.
  • Choose a skin tone that best fit your skin.
  • Tap next.
  • Behind customize your Avatar to hour liking; hair color, face shape, makeup, eyebrows, body shape, outfit, and so on.
  • Tap the check mark in the top of the screen.
  • Tap next, when the screen stops loading.
  • Click done.

Tap on the arrow sign in the top right corner of your screen to share the customized Avatar emoji to your Facebook newsfeed, comment section, messenger, or set is as a temporary profile picture on your Facebook page.

Where Can I Use Facebook Avatar?

There are so many ways you can use the Facebook Avatar feature including in the comment, stories, messenger, and soon text posts with backgrounds o the Facebook platform.


There’s a great need for humans to expressively represent themselves on the internet because the world is gradually changing it’s communication level from text based to image based communication.

We know there are still Facebook users who do not want to take part in Facebook Avatar because of some reasons, maybe privacy, creativity, or convenience, there’s a wide range of motion needs for having a parallel virtual likeness of oneself.

The Facebook Avatar could help in protecting our real face from needless exposure to the bad sides of the internet and social media scams.

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