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Christmas Tree Walmart – To most people, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It is a time people make holiday plans and host Christmas dinner. If you are wondering when and where you will buy your Christmas tree, relax as I introduce Christmas Tree Walmart to you.

You already know that Walmart sells just about everything, and this includes Christmas trees. At Walmart, you can buy a variety of affordable live and artificial Christmas trees. Additionally, you can get them delivered to you if you can’t make it to a physical store.


At Walmart  you will typically see this live Christmas trees set up either in the garden section or in the parking lot. Prices may start from as low as $20 for smaller trees and Walmart generally sells trees wrapped up. This means you may not actually get to see what you are buying, but you can’t beat their low prices.

On the other hand, you can buy a live Christmas tree from Walmart online, and have it delivered right to your doorstep. However, even though having your Christmas tree shipped to you is convenient, this service actually does cost more, because Christmas trees are bulky and heavy to ship.

Walmart is a great place to shop if you are looking for an affordable artificial Christmas tree, as this carries a wide selection of models, ranging from small, budget-friendly options to taller, pre-decorated products.

Christmas Tree Walmart that Won’t Break your Budget

Artificial Christmas trees come as a popular alternative to the classic. Walmart offers highly affordable artificial trees in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs.

These trees are of good quality, reliable, and long-lasting so you don’t need to replace them year after year. If you are bothered about selecting the right one at an affordable price, you can look through our list to make a choice.

A full-body tree

If you are looking for a center mainstay, this tree offers lush, full shape. It serves as a standout in large living rooms, dining rooms, and foyers. Pre-strung warm lights complement the trees’ rich green foliage.

$134.99, available on Walmart

Tree height – 7.5 feet

Base diameter – 52 inches

Light count – 550

A Mini Fiber-optic Christmas Tree

An 83 tips tree that changes color when plugged in. It creates brightness and twinkle with minimal effort, and it’s compact size serves as a perfect tabletop centerpiece.

$16, available on Walmart

Tree height – 32 inches

Base diameter – not given

Light count – not applicable

A Tree with Cashmere Branch

This is an elegant pencil-like tree that is designed with 339 cashmere hard-needle tips which gives it an authentic look and texture. It comes Pre-strung with 300 clear mini lights, which stays lit even if one burns out.

$59, available on Walmart

Tree height – 7 feet

Base diameter –  19 inches

Light count – 300

A tree that will turn your home into a winter wonderland

This tree is adorned with 787 snow-capped branch tips and 250 clear lights. This option is like an authentic wintry tree with durable branches to hang your ornaments.

$79, available on Walmart

Tree height – 6.5 feet

Base diameter – 42 inches

Light count – 250

Christmas Tree Dressed up as a Gnome

This unique tree is gnome-inspired and adds extra-festive fun and charm to any space, especially compared to traditional options.

$20, available on Walmart

Tree height – 3 feet

Base diameter – not given

Light count – Unlit

A tree Replicating the Classic Evergreen

This tree comes with undecorated, evergreen branches. Its lush option replicates a real Donner Fir tree – without the hassles of an authentic one. It comes with 1,310 branch tips that offers numerous real estate for decorations.

$89, available on Walmart

Tree height – 7.5 feet

Base diameter – 54 inches

Light count – Unlit

A Lush Tree Adorned with Pine cones

This lush tree adorned with pine cones mirrors nature foliage with pine cones and synthetic snow on its tips. It’s height and diameter gives the tree a full-body appearance.

$79.99, available on Walmart

Tree height – 7 feet

Base diameter –  48 inches

Light count – Unlit

Other considerations – 90-day return policy applies.

A Mini Tree for Desks and Tabletops

Due to its size, this Christmas tree is ideal for desks and tabletops. It is wrapped in LED lights and decorated in natural-looking pine cones and red berries. This tree looks great, but you can still add lightweight decorations for extra flair.

$49.99, available on Walmart

Tree height – 4 feet

Base diameter – 20 inches

Light count – 60 lights

A pre-lit tree with hassle-free, easy setup

This tree thanks to its tree lighting system is easy to assemble. All you have to do is connect the poles and the lights are good to go. It features 1,527 branch tips strung with 500 clear mini lights, which stay lit even when a bulb burns out.

$149, available on Walmart

Tree height – 7.5 feet

Base diameter – 50 inches

Light count – 500

A tree that adds pops of color

This tree comes with a 750 multicolored lights. Despite its large size, this tree with 2,514 branch tips comes in three manageable sections to allow for easy assembly.

$221.09, available on Walmart

Tree height – 7.5 feet

Base diameter – 59 inches

Light count – 750

You can make your Christmas fun, as you take advantage of the various categories of Christmas trees you can get at Walmart this season without burning a hole in your pocket.

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