Christmas in Australia – Places to visit on Christmas day in Australia

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Christmas in Australia – Since schools are preparing to go on winter break by December, it is indeed a great time to visit Australia for a vacation with family, friends, and loved ones.

Christmas in Australia is enjoyable with lots of outdoor events, dining, and feeling the warm Summer breeze. Instead of staying by the fir, lots of Australian’s head out for an early morning swim, which is one of Australian’s best Christmas traditions.

Sending of Christmas gifts in Australia is considered a must, it is widely practiced in Australia. The price of a Christmas postage stamp is lower than that of a standard letter stamp. Christmas day and New year day in Australia is automatically a national public holiday in Australia.

Christmas in Australia - Places to visit on Christmas day in Australia

Most families stay at home for Christmas and Australian’s often have Christmas crackers at Christmas meals. The highlight of Christmas day in Australia in the mid-day dinner of roast turkey or ham, and plum pudding. The person who gets his baked inside will enjoy good licks all through the next year – some kind of belief.

When it comes to Christmas in Australia, families do not forget to decorate their homes with palm leaves, and colorful flowers that makes their homes look colorful and bright. They also hang Christmas bells on their doorposts and stand a Christmas tree to indicate it is a Christmas celebration.

The most popular event of the Christmas season is known as the Carol. People come together at night to sing Christmas carol songs and light candles, it is indeed a wonderful outdoor activity where Australian’s loves to do things like; swimming, surfing, grilling, sailing, and riding.

Places to visit on Christmas day in Australia

Australia like we all know is one of the best places to be during the Christmas celebration, there are lots of fun over there. We have got everything you need to know about the places you should visit for a Christmas celebration in Australia. Here are some interesting places you’ll like to visit in Australia during your Christmas vacation.

  • Melbourne Hilton hotel – this hotel has a winter wonderland room decorated with Christmas trees and lights.
  • Neilson park in Sydney – enjoy the sun, sand and exciting yatch race in Sydney.
  • City of Perth, Wellington square – visit the Wellington square for a meaningful Christmas celebration.
  • Lord Howe island – one of the most popular places to celebrate Christmas in Australia.
  • Queensland – enjoy a Sicilian party at Queensland.

An open-air museum is located in Ballarat, Victoria sovereign hill which depicts the best of Christmas in Australia decorations. This is one place you shouldn’t miss out when you visit Australia for the Christmas celebration.

However, Australia carries out traditional practices such as decorating the Christmas tree, exchanging Christmas gifts, and singing Christmas carols.

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